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When it comes to scoring goals, Robert Lewandowski currently remains the benchmark in the Bundesliga. With 34 goals in the past season, the exceptional Polish striker is once again top scorer in the German top tier. The 31-year-old surpassed Leipzig's Timo Werner (28) to top spot and secured the trophy for the fifth time after 2013/14 (20 goals), 2015/16 (30), 2017/18 (29) and 2019/20 (22) - this tally has only been surpassed by Gerd Müller (seven times), who was the only player before Lewandowski to be top scorer in the Bundesliga three seasons in a row, from 1972 to 1974.

"To score 34 goals in one Bundesliga season is an incredible achievement. Only Der Bomber Gerd Müller has ever scored more goals in one campaign. I'd like to congratulate and thank Robert Lewandowski. He is the best centre-forward in the world," FC Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said in praise of Lewandowski. However, the Poland captain was modest when he accepted the coveted trophy for the best Bundesliga goal tally from German sports magazine Kicker after the final whistle was blown to mark the end to a 4-0 win in Wolfsburg: "I am very pleased with the 34 goals, but of course thanks must go to the team."

Fourth-best campaign in history

The striker scored in 25 of his 31 matches. Lewandowski scored at least one goal in all of his first 11 matches, adding another record to his impressive tally. Boasting 236 goals, he is third in the all-time Bundesliga scorer rankings and the best non-German goal-getter. He enjoyed the best season of all non-German pros in history this term. Only Gerd Müller (three times) scored more goals in one campaign.

Robert Lewandowski scored Bayern's third against Wolfsburg when he converted a penalty.

Equal with Rummenigge

Lewandowski has scored 162 of his 236 Bundesliga goals wearing Bayern colours, equalling the number of former world-class forward Rummenigge, Bayern's second-best Bundesliga scorer. Only legend Gerd Müller (365) has scored more goals. And Lewandowski is still hungry for goals: "Unfortunately I missed three matches this campaign," he said, implying  that he might score even more than 34 in one campaign.

Both the best scorer and the best provider wore FC Bayern colours in the 2019/20 campaign:

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