Flick: We want to finish it off away at Bremen

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FC Bayern beat Borussia Mönchengladbach 2-1 thanks to a late goal by Leon Goretzka in the Bundesliga top match on Saturday evening. The men from Munich might seal their eighth championship title on the bounce on Tuesday. "I'm overjoyed at my late goal to seal the victory, it enables us to win the title on Tuesday," match-winner Goretzka said after the final whistle. His coach paid the team a compliment: "It was hard work," said Hansi Flick, turning his focus to Tuesday's match: "We want to close it out and extend our run away to Bremen."

Reaction to FC Bayern v Gladbach

Hansi Flick: "It was hard work. We knew that because we made some changes. That was important after the DFB Cup match this week. Gladbach had one week to recover. All teams are tired at this point. I'm happy we maintained our lead and won the match. We want to close it out and extend our run away to Bremen."

Leon Goretzka: "The emotions after the match are very positive. I'm overjoyed at my late goal to seal the victory, it enables us to win the title on Tuesday. It was incredibly difficult today, Gladbach had a good plan. It's hard mentally if you chase your opponents. We had different players out on the pitch, which was our plan to a certain extent. We usually press our opponents over 90 minutes, we were more defensive today and wanted to be compact. It's nice that we won at the end of the day. We want to win away to Bremen and settle it there."

Manuel Neuer: "It was similar after the DFB Cup semi-final. You're even sometimes happier when it's a bit tight and you win at the end of the day. We've taken another step towards the title. We're good at sealing battling victories too. We played differently today, we didn't dominate possession so much, we focused on our midfield press. We let them have the ball to a certain extent. That was our plan today."

Marco Rose (Borussia Mönchengladbach head coach): "We conceded avoidable goals against us, but they were also the result of our bold play. We should have scored one or two more goals today. If you want to take something away from Munich, you have to make the most of your chances. It's simply the Bayern way to believe in being able to achieve maximum success right up to the end. That's what we want to achieve."

Christoph Kramer: "We conceded two really stupid goals against us. In the first 60 minutes, especially in the first half, we did very well and even had more possession than Bayern. We managed to keep them from getting into their usual routine. We did a lot of good things with the ball and were handy. The last 30 minutes we were pushed back very deep."

Yann Sommer: "We turned in a good display. I'm of course annoyed about my mistake. But then bounced back and had a lot of control, especially in the first half. We were brave, made good runs and held the ball well. In the second half it was a bit more difficult for us."

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