Thomas Müller: 'That's my secret'

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Thomas Müller is currently in absolute top form. He's already set a new personal record for assists in the Bundesliga, and indeed, no other player has delivered as many assists as the 30-year-old since the introduction of data collection in 2004/05. Accordingly, the native of Upper Bavaria is in great demand and, in a digital press conference he answered questions from the international press. fcbayern.com has put together a brief summary of the most important comments for you. 

On the role of sport in the fight against racism and violence

Müller also participated in the so-called Blackout Tuesday campaign on Instagram.

"Sport has always shown the world that we are one big community. People - also in sport - are so diverse. Some players are tall, some are small, some are as thin as me, others are more muscular. The clear signal has to be that it doesn't matter how someone looks or how someone talks. Sport can bring people together and lets them speak in a common language. I think we all want to live in a peaceful world. Everyone sees life through their own eyes, that's how we are. But sometimes we have to look at our neighbours, our teammates, and share some love with them."

On his fitness and building muscle

"Our fitness team has done an excellent job. Our cyber-training went pretty much like this digital press conference. I try not to get as muscular as one or two of the other players. I think my bones will have a longer life if they have to carry less weight around. I want to be able to keep running like this for the next five years and I have to stay in shape for that. That's my secret."

On what's required to keep playing for Bayern for so long


"You need the quality, the attitude, the strength and you just have to deliver on the pitch. Without all that it's not possible to play for FC Bayern for as long as I do. You simply have to perform. The club signs a player because they hope to achieve their goals with him. Ten months ago, the situation was quite different. Who knows if we would have extended my contract to 2023 then? In the footballing business, but also in everyday life, there are often only subtle differences between different decisions."

On his favourite role on the pitch

"I prefer to play right behind our top striker, Robert Lewandowski. From there I can also get into the open spaces on the edges. I don't act as a static ball distributor, I'm always on the prowl. But I'm also more than just a 'Raumdeuter'. My skills on the ball are also very good. But of course, my great strength is making runs with the right timing."

On playing behind closed doors


"You just miss the reactions of the crowd, especially during goal celebrations. The pre-match routines are also completely different. It's a bit like at amateur level: You just walk onto the pitch without any big fuss and the referee blows for kick-off. It's a funny feeling when you're used to playing in front of over 70,000 people in every home game. The only positive thing about the whole thing is that we can communicate a little better on the field now. Of course, it's not the situation we'd like, but it's better than not playing at all."

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