Bolt, Bono and Klitschko thank Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt

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Dr. Hans Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt has been regarded as one of the best doctors in the world for many decades and has been treating Bayern players for 40 years. But the world-renowned sports orthopaedist naturally has had many other prominent patients. For his farewell, U2 singer Bono, world-record sprinter Usain Bolt and boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko all wanted to thank ‘Mull’.

Bono on Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt


“I definitely couldn’t jump on the stages of the world anymore if I hadn’t met the doc. Put simply, Müller-Wohlfahrt saved my butt – literally. I came to him with pain in my lower back, and he was able to help me. Since then I’ve practically worn a ‘Made in Germany’ stamp on my behind. When I visited his practice for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled to meet a man with a Beatles haircut in the 21st century. If I had to dedicate a song to him, I’d definitely choose ‘Help!’ by John Lennon and his guys. And if I write a song about Müller-Wohlfahrt one day, it’d be called ‘Dr. Rock’. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a combination of instinct and intellect, feeling and empiricism. Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt is on the cutting edge of research and at the same time listens to his patients in a unique way. His methods should urgently become the subject of scientific research itself, to find out why it helps people so much. His practice is a truly world-class organisation, just like Bayern.”

Usain Bolt on Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt


“Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt has played a decisive role in my career. I was impressed by his positive energy from the very first moment – he radiates a stimulating enthusiasm. We top athletes always try to push our bodies to the maximum, and injuries can never be ruled out. The doc worked hard to keep me healthy. And when I was injured, he worked even harder to get me fit again as quickly as possible. Without him, I would never have been able to enjoy so much success and so many medals. For me, he is without doubt the best sports orthopaedic surgeon in the world. One time I came to him with pain in my Achilles tendon. The doc did an MRI, but it showed no injury. Then he examined me with his hands and felt a small tear. Even a second MRI scan showed nothing. But the doc trusted his sense of touch more than a scanner. A third MRI scan from a different angle showed there actually was a tear. The doc was right! We’ve been to the Oktoberfest together and had a lot of fun. Of course, I was asked for selfies and autographs, but the doc was asked just as often. He isn’t just a celebrity in Munich. I wish him all the best for the future, good health and luck.”

Wladimir Klitschko on Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt


“Hans Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt has always been there for me, as a doctor, a mentor and, above all, as a friend. Especially during my career as a sportsman, he was by my side, for which I’ll be eternally grateful. His young soul and physical fitness make him special – and my role model. I’m convinced it’s his will to make people a little better every day. He’s the man behind the success. Without the right treatments and therapies, we professional athletes would never manage to perform, to keep it up and, most importantly, to believe in ourselves. I can’t imagine that this doc will ever be KO’d. I’d never compete against him either – he knows all the tricks and can knock me out with much less than a punch. I’d rather get in the ring for him than fight him. I’ve never met another person with his expertise and skill. He’s just Superman. He can sense with his eyes and can tell with one look what’s wrong with you. Müller-Wohlfahrt is a true heavyweight and a master of all classes.”

Dr. Müller-Wohlfahrt spoke about his time at Bayern in his farewell interview with ‘51’: