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"It wasn't an optimal performance," Thomas Müller commented after the 4-1 defeat to TSG Hoffenheim. His coach said it had not been down to mentality: "I can't blame the team. They fought and did everything they could," Hansi Flick said after the final whistle. Bayern must now put it behind them as soon as possible and turn their focus to the domestic Supercup final against Dortmund on Wednesday. "It's a very nice opportunity to fight back," Müller commented.

Reaction to TSG Hoffenheim v FC Bayern

Hansi Flick: "It was too easy for our opponents to create chances today. We weren't as efficient in attack as usual. But I think we got off to a good start. I can't blame the team. They fought and did everything they could. I accept the defeat."

Manuel Neuer: "We won't look for excuses. That's what awaits us this year. A match every few days, we know that. So we can't talk about how tired we are, we must accept it."

Thomas Müller: “It wasn't an optimal performance, but there were one or two moments where we could have equalised, and then it would be a different story. We gave everything, you could see we were trying to strike back, even if it looked a bit chaotic. We risked everything. I don't know any team in sport that has remained undefeated for years. Obviously, it’s not what we wanted and before the game I didn't think this would happen. But it did. Now we have to deal with it, rest well and turn to the next game on Wednesday. We have a great opportunity to fight back.”

Sebastian Hoeneß (Hoffenheim coach): “It went the way we imagined. We didn't start the game especially well. In the first ten minutes Bayern were dominant, but then we broke the deadlock. We always managed to stay dangerous and defended our box really well. The quality of our team is no secret and I’m not surprised by the result. The team showed what they can do. But we mustn't forget that Bayern played for 120 minutes in midweek. Nevertheless, it was a strong performance from us.”

Alexander Rosen (sporting director): “A special moment, a special story when you consider that our last game against Bayern was a 6-0 loss in February. Bayern have won 23 in a row and today we deserved to win 4-1, although we must consider the circumstances, Bayern’s travel fatigue. We did a brilliant job, we were great in defence, but also with the ball. We were very smart, very determined. I will say it again: The opponents played for 120 minutes in the Super Cup on Thursday. But it was down to us to make them feel this burden.”

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