Structural changes and a fresh start for youth teams

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FC Bayern Munich has been investigating allegations of racism against employees of the youth performance centre (NLZ) in the past few weeks. Representatives from the legal and human resources department of FC Bayern have been investigating the allegations extensively since 12 August.

The procedure was closed on Thursday this week. Processes were identified in a sub-area of the NLZ that violated labour law obligations and did not match the attitude of FC Bayern, and this will lead to consequences. There will be structural changes and a new start for the youth teams from U9 to U15. FC Bayern has already initiated the necessary steps and will proceed just as consistently as it did with the findings. Further publicly raised allegations have not been proven.

In future, when determining the responsibilities of certain functions, responsibility will be transferred to several people. The importance of points of contact for problems at the NLZ is being repositioned; in addition, extensive, regular training and further education programs are developed and implemented.

"Anyone who works for FC Bayern must observe labour law standards and behave accordingly," said FC Bayern Director of Legal & Human Resources Dr Michael Gerlinger. Gerlinger is also the compliance officer at FC Bayern and led the investigation: "In the course of the investigations, some significant violations of labour law obligations came to light. FC Bayern is committed to a cosmopolitan, diverse society. In our club we do not allow intolerance or discrimination. It pains us that our principles have been violated at this point. We will do everything we can to ensure something like this does not happen again."

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