Boateng: We upped the ante towards the end

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Thomas Müller called FC Bayern's Champions League game against FC Salzburg an "exchange of blows". "It was certainly a top match for the fans," said coach Hansi Flick after the 6-2 victory, although he did admit he would have preferred a less thrilling course. Salzburg head coach Jesse Marsch was proud to have "kept the pace with the best team in the world for 75 minutes". 

Reaction from players and staff:

Hansi Flick: "Salzburg were exactly what we expected them to be when we analysed them. When they won the ball they had a very good transition game, good runs in deep. They caught us cold at times. Nevertheless, in the end we showed our strength. For the fans it was definitely a top game, for the coaches not quite so great. We have to live with that. I am very satisfied with the mentality of my team. We came back after we were pegged down to 2-2 and finished the game well."

Thomas Müller: "We were familiar with the Salzburg's style of play, so the game didn't surprise me. Salzburg play very intensively, very riskily. A bit like us, but not quite as much control, but already with a lot of deep play and many combinations. It was clear they could hurt us. Salzburg were courageous, and were rewarded in part for it. But they also revealed some gaps in our defence. Especially during the game. We had a few chances to make it 3-1. We missed it and from then comes the classic football saying: if you don't take your chances, you'll get punished. It got exciting when it went to 2-2. But you can always come up trumps when you have the attacking prowess in the final minutes of the game as we do."

Leroy Sané: "If you just look at the result, it seems to have been a simple game. But we had a very hard time of it. We knew that Salzburg are a good team. They tried to wait for mistakes from us. In the end, we did very well and kept on pushing after it went to 2-2. We didn't stop after we scored a goal to make it 3-2. If we had scored one or two goals earlier, we would have had an easier time of it all."

Jérôme Boateng: "In the end we showed that we wanted to win and deserved to win, even at such high stakes. We never give up and always want to win. We upped the ante towards the end. We knew Salzburg played very intensively, pressed high and ran a lot. In the end they got a bit tired. We then took advantage of that".

What Salzburg said:

Jesse Marsch (FC Salzburg head coach): "6-2 is not a representative result. We played really well, especially in the first 75 minutes. Then we conceded four goals in 15 minutes. It's amazing how this game works. For 75 minutes we kept the pace with the best team in the world."

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