How to take the perfect virtual free-kick in PES 2021

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Set-pieces and free kicks are not just an effective way to score goals on the pitch. They also enrich your game when playing eFootball PES 2021 from Konami. It's just important to know how to execute them correctly. In the following video, Miguel Mestre - eFootball.Pro CUP winner 2020 with FC Bayern - shows you how you can score goals more easily on the console. This method is guaranteed to help you improve your conversion rate many times over and possibly give you a decisive advantage in your next match. 

Become a pro in 30 seconds: Miguel Mestre on the perfect free-kick

How it's done:

Step 1: A special feature when taking the free-kick is that, in addition to pressing the shoot button, you also operate the left controller stick. This allows you to give your shot a clear direction and also an effective trajectory later on.

Step 2: It's also important to remember that you shouldn't use a full bar for your shot. Depending on the distance, half to two-thirds of a bar is enough for the ideal shot strength.

Step 3: During the run-up animation, pull your left stick diagonally down to the right to give the ball a lot of spin. But be careful: If you decide to use a right-footed player, you'll have to rethink your control and move the stick down to the left, and not the right.

Step 4: The ball now flies dangerously towards the opposition's goal and hopefully - from your point of view - zaps into the back of the net. Good luck!

David Alaba is Bayern's virtual set-piece king


A good free-kick depends on the taker. The prerequisite for this is a player with above-average free-kick ratings, which can be called up during the game. When you take a free-kick, you can choose any player you want to try your luck with. Crucial to making a good choice are the in-game ratings, which are modelled on real football. Mestre relies on David Alaba for his set-pieces - and not without good reason. In the club's internal rankings, the Austrian has a free-kick rating of 86, putting him ahead of Leroy Sané (81) and Robert Lewandowski (79). The left-footer has converted ten direct free-kicks for FC Bayern to date.

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