Musiala: We’re really hungry to seal the championship

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Versatile, exceptionally nimble and with a nose for goal - Jamal Musiala is in red hot form at the moment! The 18-yearold has started the last three Bundesliga games for FC Bayern, proving a decisive influence on the field and netting important strikes. The forward scored the all-important opening goals in the 1-1 draw against Union Berlin and also the 3-2 victory over VfL Wolfsburg. Against the Wolves, he even became the youngest Bundesliga brace-bagger in the Munich club’s long history. We spoke to the shooting star before Bayern's potentially championship-clinching game in Mainz on Saturday.

Interview: Jamal Musiala

bayern-munich-2020-21-quote--c0151a51-4601-442d-9213-f99e4b198b70 Your double strike against Wolfsburg last weekend made you the youngest Bundesliga brace-bagger in the club’s long history. What does that mean to you?
I just feel proud and I'm delighted. I always enjoy scoring goals. The fact that I scored two in one game made me really happy. It was just a special moment

Leading up to your headed goal against Wolfsburg, you were busily practising headers with assistant coach Hermann Gerland. What's it like putting in some overtime with the 'Tiger'? 
After regular training I went to the heading practice area with Tiago Dantas. In training, the others always make fun of me a bit for my headers, because heading the ball isn’t one of my strengths. That's why I just did it, so I could improve a bit. The ‘Tiger’ was then also really happy and we just laughed afterwards and had a bit of fun.

Unter der Woche trainierte Jamal Musiala mit "Tiger" Hermann Gerland am Kopfballpendel. Es zahlte sich aus.

Thomas Müller described your dribbling as "snake-like movements" – is it something you can train? 
I’ve practised the moves since I was very young. I used to practise them in the garden or in the street. Now I feel quite comfortable with them and know when to use them and how. I keep working on them so I feel more and more comfortable with them. Then I'm just confident and know how to use my dribbling ability.

How important is it for you to have the experienced players take you under their wing? 
It makes it easier for me because they take a little bit of the pressure off me. They also always talk to me and give me advice. They help me and I can also go to them and ask questions. That helps me a lot and I can still learn a lot from them. It's also great fun playing with them.


You can seal the title with three games to spare in Mainz. Are the players specially motivated to finish the job?
We don't want to drop any points. We’re also really hungry now to win the championship as early as possible. We're all really focused and want to win the championship on Saturday. We’re all looking forward to it and are ready to get the three points and win the championship.

Enjoy five fascinating facts about Bayern's Bundesliga trip to Mainz:

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