FC Bayern and the City of Munich launch partnership

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FC Bayern München already boasts a strong connection with its home city in its name. But now this partnership is being taken to a new level: the black and gold away jersey that Robert Lewandowski, Thomas Müller and their teammates will wear in the 2021/22 season not only features the colours of Munich, but is also adorned with the Münchner Kindl (Munich Child), the symbol of the city, at the back of the neck. The home-oriented jersey signals the start of a multifaceted partnership between the city of Munich and FC Bayern under the motto: 'Together in Munich, together in the world'.

"Putting the Münchner Kindl on our jersey, on our shrine, makes it clear how close the bond with the city of Munich is," said FCB executive board member Jörg Wacker at the launch of the new jersey, "FC Bayern and the city of Munich belong together. Munich is our home, at the same time we are also a cosmopolitan club, we want to convey Munich and FC Bayern to the outside world." This is now happening quite consciously with the away jersey.


Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter was "spontaneously enthusiastic" about the idea, as he recounts: "We are pleased that FC Bayern is and always has been committed to the city of Munich. There are exactly three factors that are associated with Munich worldwide: the Oktoberfest, a car manufacturer and FC Bayern Munich. Whether in Asia, South America or anywhere else in the world, FC Bayern is a terrific ambassador for our city. It's fantastic when a flagship like this wears its home city on its jersey."

As the new jersey goes around the world, it will put the interaction between the German record champions and Munich in the international spotlight. "We will transport the city to the outside, the city will transport us to the world," Wacker explained. As FCB board member for internationalisation and strategy, he travels extensively around the world, and he's asked everywhere about the Oktoberfest and Munich beer: "The whole world knows Munich. Mia san mia stands for the Bavarian mentality and culture that the city of Munich and FC Bayern represent."

"We do think very carefully about who we make the Münchner Kindl available to," said Clemens Baumgärtner, the city of Munich's economic affairs officer. "It's a partnership of equals. The city will benefit and vice versa." He put the economic value of FC Bayern for Munich - through jobs and turnover in tourism, hospitality and trade - at hundreds of millions of euros. "We can be proud of the partnership," Baumgärtner said, "all the attributes that we live by as the city of Munich also apply to FC Bayern: cosmopolitanism, economic power, straightforwardness, fairness and success. These are two partners that belong together."

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