#BeatThePro – Compete against the FC Bayern pros

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Reckon you can beat the FC Bayern players? With #BeatThePro, the new innovative feature in our app, you now have the opportunity to take on the stars of the German record champions in different digital challenges such as keepy-uppy or ball control. The feature was developed together with Coach-AI, which provides an engine to build applications that embed human physical activities into Mixed Reality worlds.

Thomas Müller kicks things off by keeping the ball up with his feet. Can you manage more touches than our number 25? Here's how it works:

  1. Grab a football
  2. Download the FC Bayern app
  3. Open the #BeatThePro feature
  4. Start the challenge
  5. Place your phone upright on the floor
  6. Try to juggle the ball with only your feet as much as possible in 19 seconds.
  7. Share your personal challenge video with friends and on social media

Here to #BeatThePro*

*open the latest version of the FC Bayern app (iOS 5.5.5 and Android 1.7.8) with an AR-enabled smartphone/tablet

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