Nagelsmann: "A very good shot from Serge"

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In the first Bundesliga home match under Julian Nagelsmann, FC Bayern picked up their first win. The reason for the 3-2 win against 1. FC Köln was not only the cheering of the fans, who were finally allowed back into the Allianz Arena, but also the coach's changes during the break. "We changed things at half-time, came out well and scored some nice goals," said a pleased Julian Nagelsmann. Köln rallied, but Nagelsmann could rely on his record-breaking offensive. "In the end, we had the one luckier moment and a very good finish from Serge," surmised the 34-year-old.

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "We had a decent start to the game. The problem was we lost the ball a lot in the final third throughout the first half and then the game became incredibly intense. You could see that at the end. When it went to 2-2, we lacked energy. We changed things at half-time, came out well and scored some nice goals. We deserved to lead at that stage. Then we conceded the goals within two minutes, in a very similar way to how Köln scored in their first game last week, after two outstanding crosses that we have to defend earlier on in the move. The cross itself is then no longer so easy to defend. Then the game was on a knife edge and could have tipped in either direction. In the end, we had one luckier moment more and a very good finish from Serge. That's why we're happy about the victory. But we also know we still have some work to do. I think that's normal and we don't always have to do it again after we've worked on it. In the end, the victory is important for us and we're happy about it. We are the happier winners today.

Serge Gnabry: "I knew I'd scored against Köln before. The opponents seem to suit me. The first half was good, we had a lot of turnovers, but didn't finish them off properly and ended up defending counterattacks. In the second half, we changed our approach, became more offensive and wanted to play more out wide. This gave us more ball control and composure. Basically, we have to be careful not to concede goals so easily. We make life difficult for ourselves with that."

Reaction from the Köln camp:

Steffen Baumgart: "Congratulations to Bayern. A deserved win because they scored one more goal. I think we weren't as brave as I’d hoped in the first half. Second half, when you're 2-0 down and come back like that, that's a good thing. The first goal was amazing. It’s just annoying it was against us. Overall, I think we’ve taken a very good step and made good development. I’m satisfied with the performance. I think it's understandable I'm a little annoyed we didn't take anything away from the game."

Mark Uth: "The intensity of our football with Steffen Baumgart is very high, we still have to get used to it. But we've already done very well. How we performed, maybe we deserved something. Bayern have the quality to still score the goals. We can be satisfied. It's a shame we didn't get a point. Now we look from week to week and keep working hard. If we keep up the intensity on the pitch, it can be a good season."

The match report:

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