Herbert Hainer: You're the true champions

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Herbert Hainer opened his first Annual General Meeting as FC Bayern president on Thursday evening. "It's not an AGM of the normal kind. Unfortunately, COVID-19 overshadows our lives. Personally, I'm glad we can see each other here, even in limited numbers. It's nice that you're all here," the 67-year-old told the members in attendance. Last year's AGM was cancelled due to the pandemic, but the regular event was held this year in compliance with the COVID measures.

"We missed you. But you were always with us. The players felt that, too. FC Bayern is characterised by the fact that we have tremendous cohesion. You are the true champions of FC Bayern Munich. Thank you very much for that," said Hainer, who, after welcoming the guests of honor including honorary president Uli Hoeneß, honorary vice-presidents Fritz Scherer and Bernd Rauch, as well as head coach Julian Nagelsmann and winger Leroy Sané, looked back on an outstandingly successful two years since he took office, with a total of 11 trophies.

Hainer: A unique success story

To the background of the 11 trophies from the last two years, Hainer said: "It's incredible what a unique success story our club has written during this time. It's not just our professional football players who have achieved historic things. All of FC Bayern has been at the top in every respect."

To ensure that the record champions remain so successful in the future, the president declared: "We will continue to give everything." In doing so, he said, the club will continue to act in a financially responsible manner. "Our strength comes from within - Mia san mia! In our club, the core is always sport. I love FC Bayern just the way it is. We don't have a cent of debt and our Allianz Arena and FC Bayern Campus belong to us. We are not dictated to by others, we follow our own path with expertise, creativity and incredible heart and soul. We won't let ourselves be driven by the madness out there," said Hainer.

Mia san bunt! We're diverse!

At the same time, the club president and chairman of the supervisory board emphasised FC Bayern's social responsibility. "We stand for core social values such as tolerance, respect and diversity. Racism and antisemitism have no place here, neither at FC Bayern nor in our society - mia san bunt!"

At the end of his speech, Hainer paid tribute to the late Gerd Müller: "He is the epitome of football and he embodied FC Bayern. Dear Gerd, you will always be with us!"

Hainer: We're one family

In conclusion, the president again addressed the members directly: "We're one family. This is my big wish for 2022. We all want to experience our sport again as it was before the pandemic. FC Bayern never stands still. All these trophies are for you, for the heart of FC Bayern Munich."