The numbers and success presented at the FC Bayern München eV AGM

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FC Bayern München eV first vice-president Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer and second vice-president Walter Mennekes presented in their speeches at the annual general meeting the figures and successes of the club in the past two financial years. “Of course, the pandemic has had an impact on the financial and economic situation of our club,” Mayer said to open his speech. The fact that the AG cannot pay a dividend to the eV in the current financial year for the first time in 20 years makes planning more difficult. “We have to tighten our belts considerably,” said Mayer, who nevertheless presented pleasing figures.

Third most valuable club in the world

“If our AG is doing badly, this also has considerable consequences for our financial situation at the eV,” Mayer continued. However, he still announced: “We are the third most valuable club in the world and have quadrupled our value in the last eight years. All members can be proud of that.” He added that the eV was divided into two areas: the non-material/sporting and the economic. Income in the non-material one totalled €14,718,086, with membership fees making up the largest part (€12,387,929). Expenses amounted to €13,814,364. Expenses for sports operations accounted for the largest share (€4,718,657), especially for the FC Bayern Campus.

The eV was able to generate €8,170,999 in business operations, for example from income from the members magazine ‘51’ and lease income from the Campus (€2,424,900). In terms of expenses (€5,242,081), the club magazine also accounted for the largest share (€2,189,821). This amount would be lower if more fans switched to a digital subscription. If you add up the non-material and economic areas, this makes a total result of €3,832,640 for the eV.

Owner of the FC Bayern Campus

Another positive aspect is that the balance sheet shows equity of €138 million, with an equity ratio of 98%. In addition, the loan of €40 million for the FC Bayern Campus has now been repaid in full. The eV is therefore now the debt-free owner of this “great sports facility”, as Mayer emphasised.

Mennekes introduced his speech with the words: “Those of us who think of the three letters FCB are excited and think of professional football, but they think too briefly. That’s because FC Bayern has much more to offer with its basketball, handball, bowling, chess, refereeing, senior football and table tennis departments. “It’s also about winning and losing in these areas, up and down. All departments have the board behind them, we are proud of all athletes. There is no grassroots sport without top sport, and there is no top sport without grassroots sport,” Mennekes emphasised, also highlighting the issue of children and youth protection at FC Bayern.

1,900 active sportsmen and women

Mennekes reported that FCB currently has 1,900 active athletes in the various departments. There are 670 members in basketball and the club is particularly proud of the good youth work that has produced six current junior national team players. There are 400 members in the handball department, where ten youth teams and two women’s teams are active.

Meanwhile, the bowlers can look back on one of their most successful seasons. Five teams won four championships and three promotions. The chess department has seen a steady increase in membership, with ten adult teams, two women’s teams and one senior team currently active. The senior footballers – who have 200 members – have also had interregional success recently, securing six of a possible nine titles. There are 124 members in refereeing. FC Bayern has eight top referees in its ranks. Last but not least, the table tennis section marked its 75th anniversary and has 341 members.

AG CEO Oliver Kahn took stock of the men’s footballing side at the AGM:

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