Special exhibition opens: ‘Mr FC Bayern - Uli Hoeneß, The Man’

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70 years, 60 titles: Uli Hoeneß’s record over seven decades speaks for itself. And nevertheless, the man who is now FC Bayern honorary president stands for so much more than honours and trophies. His human side makes Hoeneß ‘Mr FC Bayern‘ - and that is the main focus of our special exhibition conceived to commemorate his 70th birthday. ‘Mr FC Bayern - Uli Hoeneß, The Man’ has now been officially opened.

“Uli Hoeneß has made FC Bayern what it is today. The title of the exhibition fits in wonderfully: Uli has not only shaped the club with his vision but also as a human being. He will always occupy a very special place in the history of FC Bayern,” said club president Herbert Hainer. “Uli Hoeneß has set standards, as a decision-maker at FC Bayern and as a human being,“ said CEO Oliver Kahn. “I‘ve known him for a long time and can say from my own experience: there‘s nobody else like him in football.”

President Herbert Hainer: “Uli Hoeneß has made FC Bayern what it is today."

As the exhibition makes clear, Hoeneß is a one-off

To mark this anniversary, visitors can now follow in the footsteps of Uli Hoeneß - and in a very literal sense. The floor of the whole exhibition area represents the life and work of the current honorary president in numbers from 1 to 70. The milestones of his eventful life are categorised and explained in detail, in words, images and sound. Lovingly selected photos and exhibits from Hoeneß‘ huge archive provide details that have remained hidden until now.

His childhood as the son of a butcher, head boy and exceptional athlete in Ulm is detailed in the same way as the big step up to FC Bayern that Hoeneß elected to make in 1970. He quickly became a shooting star, and then stayed until reaching the age of retirement. The core of the exhibition is the question of how he shaped FC Bayern in his personal way over a total of five decades. His human side is considered unique in the world of football. From his ideas, style of leadership and even his office decor: the fact that Hoeneß is a genuine one-off is clear in numerous places.

Highlights of the exhibition include the original furniture from his former office.

Original office, exclusive film and interactive element as real highlights

Outstanding exhibits include his school paraphernalia, his shirt from the 1974 European Cup final, his original fans’ scarf, the medals from the European Cup hat-trick between 1974 and 1976, plus his honorary president certificate - the exhibition features a host of eye-catching highlights. The most striking is without doubt the original furniture from the office where Hoeneß transformed FC Bayern into a global brand as general manager and president. A glimpse behind the scenes is provided by an exclusive film including contributions from Hoeneß and his wife Susi, where she provides intimate and amusing details of life with her husband. The typically robust opinions of the Bayern decision-maker on keywords like S for stamina, L for luck and V for values can be explored by visitors at the interactive ‘Points of View’ area.

The exhibition is heartfelt - and touches hearts. Because it makes clear that Uli Hoeneß’ lifetime of achievement is not only based on entrepreneurship, ambition and meticulous attention to detail, but also his special touch. He has turned FC Bayern into a family that today still adheres to the values he implemented and personified. Hoeneß is one of the great personalities in the history of football but has remained a human being. “Uli Hoeneß, The Man.”

The honorary president celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this month:

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