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After trailing 1-0 at the break, FC Bayern beat SpVgg Greuther Fürth 4-1 at home at the Allianz Arena on Sunday. After two games without a win, the coach and players were relieved. "I'm just happy that we've won now," goalkeeper Sven Ulreich said, pleased. Thanks to the success, Bayern continue to keep second-placed Borussia Dortmund at a distance. "It was definitely an important victory in terms of the table," said Julian Nagelsmann after the game.

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "In the end, we deserved to win. It was definitely an important win in terms of the table. In the first half we played 4-2-3-1, the guys got into the rhythm of playing in familiar positions and sequences that they have played the last two, three years. We actually defended everything well, then after the goal we conceded we were a bit unsettled. At half-time, we made a change. The 20 minutes after the break were very good, we had a lot of power and crossed many balls into the box. We had a lot of presence there, too."

Robert Lewandowski: "We were not satisfied at all with the first half. I think we needed a lot of time to get into the game. In the first half, we played too slowly in parts and made the wrong decisions. Then the second half was much better, both in an attacking and defensive sense. We implemented exactly what we set out to do right from the start. Now we have two normal weeks in which we can work on the things that haven't worked so well yet."

Sven Ulreich: "I'm just happy we won . We struggled a lot in the first half because we didn't play with pace and we didn't have any ideas. We had the ball a lot, but there wasn't really any ideas behind it that we could create something going forward. In the second half, we did much better. Then we saw more of the speed you need to win games. In the end, we deserved to win."

Reaction from the Fürth camp:

Stefan Leitl (SpVgg Greuther Fürth head coach): "We played well in the first half. I can't remember any great scoring chances for Bayern. I also think the middle part of the second half was quite decent with a shot against the post and crossbar. The result is then a bit too unflattering for us in the end."

Marco Meyerhöfer (Greuther Fürth defender): "It's just hard to keep a lid on Bayern's quality over 90 minutes. We knew there would be another wave of pressure after half-time. We actually set out to get through the first 15 minutes. Then, unfortunately, we conceded after 40 seconds. Overall, we also had another good phase in the second half, but unfortunately it wasn't enough."

The match report:

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