Leon Goretzka: "The result is what matters"


Derby victory and lead at the top of the table maintained thanks to FC Bayern's 1-0 workmanlike win over Augsburg in front of 75,000 spectators at the Allianz Arena. The head coach and team were happy about the result. "This game was there to be won. We are at a period in the season where you don't have to shine, you just have to win," said Julian Nagelsmann. The men from Munich took another important step towards their tenth Bundesliga title in a row with the derby win. "That's what it's all about in the end," Leon Goretzka summarised. With five games left to play, Bayern are nine points ahead of Borussia Dortmund. fcbayern.com has reaction below.

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "This game was there to be won. The first half was not good. Of course, we've got one eye on Tuesday, you don't want to get injured. The first 20 minutes after the break were very good, there was feeling on the pitch. We did well there. In the end, we deserved to win. We are at a time in the season where you don't have to shine, but just win."

Manuel Neuer: "We didn't get off to a good start. In the first half, we lacked a bit of tempo. After the break we did better, there was more dynamism and more chances to score. In the end, we deserved to win 1-0. The important thing is the three points, that we kept a clean sheet and won. Augsburg have won their last two games, so they came into the game confident. But for long stretches you could see that we were clearly the better team. We will be there on Tuesday. It's down to us, what power we bring. I believe in us. We are all fired up. We'll rock it with the spectators."

Robert Lewandowski: "It was an important win and an important penalty. Overall, it was good preparation for the second leg against Villarreal. We want to build on our dynamic second half on Tuesday. It's something completely different when the stadium is full. I'm very happy that the fans are back in the stadium. I hope they will support us loudly on Tuesday."

Leon Goretzka: "The first half was not good from us. Our intensity was lacking. Augsburg are a very tough team to play. So it's all the better that we managed that well in many phases in the second half and won the game. That's what it's all about in the end. We will definitely have to improve on Tuesday and we will do that. The place will be on fire. Then we will deliver a game that is Bayern-like. It's down to this now. It's a moment that we love, that the fans want to see. It's the time of the year when knockout games are played, when titles are at stake and the course is set for the end of the season. We're extremely excited about that."

Reaction from the Augsburg camp:

Markus Weinzierl (Augsburg head coach): "We wanted to find solutions, which Bayern also allowed us to do. In general, we did very well for an away game and deserved something. The penalty was unfortunate."

Niklas Dorsch (Augsburg midfielder): "In my opinion, we gave away a point here. In the first half, we were very aggressive and won the ball well. We missed huge chances that we should have taken. In the second half, we noticed that we felt the weight of Wednesday's game in our legs. Of course, Bayern also played. But they made a few more changes than we did. We held our own well. Bayern hardly had any chances of note and it's tough to then lose to a penalty."

The match report: