Jamal Musiala brings Meisterschale to the Museum

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Marienplatz at midday to the FC Bayern Museum in the afternoon – not just the journey the Bundesliga Meisterschale took on Sunday, but also Jamal Musiala, who brought the trophy to join the collection in the club museum at the Allianz Arena. The Germany international took the valuable package on the 20-minute car ride from the title celebrations in the city centre to the Meisterschale's new home on display at the FC Bayern Museum, joining the others on display for the fans in attendance to marvel at Bayern's 10 titles in a row.

"This 10th title in succession is a special one for all of us because it's one for the history books. I'm proud to have played my part," said the 19-year-old, whose five goals and five assists contributed to Bayern's 32nd championship. "Looking at all the trophies here in the museum, it makes you want more. We'll go for it again next season," he promised before signing autographs for the fans.

Jamal Musiala and the Meisterschale made a stop at the Siegestor on the way to the FC Bayern Museum.

A proud tradition of trophy handovers in the museum

Although it was Musiala's first visit to the museum, trophy handovers have a long tradition at Bayern, given they have been champions of Germany every year since the FC Bayern Museum opened in 2012. He follows in the illustrious footsteps of Dante (2013), Pep Guardiola (2014), Arjen Robben (2015), Robert Lewandowski (2016), Philipp Lahm (2017), Jerome Boateng (2018), Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery (2019), and Hansi Flick (2020). Last year was the sole exception with the Meisterschale not brought in by a member of the team due to the pandemic.

The Viktoria trophy from 1932, 31 Bundesliga Meisterschale and 20 DFB Cups line the Via Triumphalis. The original Meisterschale will be on display to look at in the club museum for some time before it's replaced by an exact replica at the end of next season.

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