Up close! Our VLOG on the title celebrations weekend

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From one party to the next! What a weekend it was for FC Bayern with the title party at Nockherberg and the big celebration at Munich's Marienplatz the next day. Best of all: both events could finally take place with fans again, in glorious weather in the city of the reigning and new German champions. We take you behind the scenes of this special weekend in the latest edition of our VLOG - and as an extra titbit, show you how Jamal Musiala brought the Bundesliga trophy to the FC Bayern Museum. "I can't carry it for long, it's really heavy. It's more for Leon," was his witty comment on it. But see for yourself!

Watch all the fascinating behind-the-scenes content on our YouTube channel:

Our VLOG on the trophy handover

If you missed it, watch our champions' VLOG behind the scenes of the Bundesliga trophy presentation against VfB Stuttgart:

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