Nagelsmann interview on Mané: 'It's rare to experience that'

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When asked the question of which positions best suits his strengths during his unveiling at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday, Sadio Mané responded in playful style. “I think the person who can best answer that question is here at the front,” said the attacker, pointing smilingly to Julian Nagelsmann, who was attentively listening to the words of his new star in the audience. “I’m a player who can play in three or four positions. I’m just happy when the goalkeeper doesn’t put me in goal or in defence,” concluded the 30-year-old Senegalese.

We recorded the statements from the new signing from Liverpool and then interviewed Nagelsmann on Mané and what he'll bring to the team. Below is a taster, with the full video interview available to watch in the video above. Enjoy!

The interview with Julian Nagelsmann

Servus, Mr Nagelsmann. How excited are you by a player such as Sadio Mané?
“Very. Right from the first conversation he made a very selfless impression, which is extraordinary for a player with such a big name. He said, quite modestly, he can imagine himself in any position. It’s rare to experience that in a first conversation, that a player puts themselves completely at the service of the club and the coach. That made our urge to get the signing over the line even greater.”

What was your reaction when the transfer became a reality?
“We’re Bayern Munich, we always have the chance to bid for big stars. Sometimes we hit financial limits, especially with guys who are playing in England. That was different with Sadio because he has great desire for our project, our club and his teammates. I was delighted.”

How much more variable does Mané make the FC Bayern system?
“We can’t say that for sure yet. We have to wait and see what happens in the transfer market. But Sadio is a player who can easily play in four or five positions - and can also switch during the match.”

Watch the press conference with Mané again:

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