Bayern’s photoshoot in an American diner

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The fact that pre-season and the USA regularly go together for Bayern should no longer be news to fans. Out of seven Audi Summer Tours, five have taken FCB Stateside. And now they’re back after a two-year COVID-19-enforced hiatus. Back on the road! And Bayern have demonstrated their bonds with Americans, with Munich boy Thomas Müller, Sadio Mane, Benjamin Pavard and Serge Gnabry this year going to visit a typical American diner. Enjoy!


When Müller made himself comfortable at the table and saw the jukebox, the 32-year-old was immediately in his element. He played through various songs. FC Bayern’s choices are generally plentiful these days. For Müller on the jukebox, for coach Julian Nagelsmann on the pitch due to the strong squad, or for the players during the US tour. Two friendly matches, several training sessions, media appointments as well as local events such as tours of the White House, the Pentagon, fan festivals or a night at the embassy - Müller and Co. are currently enjoying the American way of life.

That could also be felt in the American diner as Bayern posed on their final night in Washington. And the players had fun, as you can see in the photos.

After the diner visit and the match against DC United - including a goal of his own - Mane travelled to Morocco, where he received a special award:

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