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Servus, Bayern fans!

This is Jamal, I’m writing a diary for you during the US tour to keep you as up-to-date as possible. This is my first entry, as we flew to Washington on Monday and spent our first night here. We had one last intense training session at Säbener in Munich in the morning, and then with rather heavy legs it was straight to the airport in north Munich.

We had a two-hour delay taking off, but it was a very relaxing flight. Thomas Müller was in high spirits and kept the team entertained as usual - you know him 😅. That aside, I slept a bit and then we played various video games. I started with Thomas, Leroy, Josi and Manu, and then Paul and Gabi came over later.

We arrived in the US capital of Washington after midnight German time. It’s six hours behind here because of the time difference. Obviously we took time for our fans, who waited outside the hotel specially for us, and signed a few autographs.

After that we had a few media engagements, I did an interview. Following dinner and the normal physio treatment, we headed up to our rooms after a really long day. I’m excited about everything that will happen here in the coming days, I’ve never been to Washington. I’m particularly looking forward to the training sessions and the friendlies against D.C. and City, but for now I need to sleep before we properly get going tomorrow.

If you want, you can also follow our journey over the coming days here on the website, in the FC Bayern app or on my social media channels. Good night!



In his USA diary, Jamal Musiala chronicles his personal experiences every day on the Audi Summer Tour 2022.