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The FC Bayern Campus has many stories to tell. Almost 200 players, 70 staff members and over 100 employees have been writing countless stories at the FC Bayern youth development centre since summer 2017. We open this history book for you from 21 August – the fifth anniversary of the Campus – and place it directly in your hands on your smartphone or tablet. 1 season, 2 teams, many stories. You’ve never been so close to the Bayern youth players as with the new and free series FC Bayern Campus Stories.

“At the end of it all, what counts for us is that a player makes it to the first team,” says Jochen Sauer, the head of the FC Bayern Campus about the goals of the academy. The series shows the path of a youth player, “that he will eventually get his first substitution at the Allianz Arena or can start his professional career elsewhere.”

At the end of it all, what counts for us is that a player makes it to the first team.

Jochen Sauer, head of the FC Bayern Campus

Supported by our partner Allianz, we accompanied the two Campus performance teams, the reserves and the U19s, during the entire 2021/22 season in training, at matches, team meetings and much more with cameras. A total of six episodes will be published, three each about the reserves and the U19s. The first two stories are already online, the next two will follow soon. You can look forward to that - no matter where you are:

FC Bayern Campus Stories

  • Mobile-optimised documentary in 9:16 format about the FC Bayern youth academy
  • The first portrait series about Bayern
  • Exclusive in the FC Bayern app
  • From 21 August 2022
The series is free and exclusively available in the official FC Bayern app.

How to watch the FC Bayern Campus Stories

  1. If you don't have the FC Bayern App yet, download it here: https://fcbayernapp.page.link/campus-stories
  2. If you already have the FC Bayern App, update to the latest version (iOS: 5.7.3 or Android: 1.9.2).
  3. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet
  4. Either scroll down and open the FC Bayern Campus Stories feature, or
  5. Tap on this link in the app
  6. Tap the play button of Story 1 and Story 2 and enjoy the 9:16 videos
  7. Share your feedback with us via @fcbayern_EN or @fcbayerncampus on Twitter or via @fcbayerncampus in the Instagram Story

Story 1: Forming as a team


“Stand out through performance” – “How do we act?” – “The group has to live” - anyone who doesn't know much about these phrases from the U19s of the record champions will be smarter after this episode. Head coach Danny Galm and his U19 players take you along with them in their pre-season and to their training camp, leave you tingling during emotional dressing room speeches or move you to tears when an individual’s fate suddenly becomes more important than team’s success. Here you get over 40 minutes of insight into youth football at the highest level as you have never seen it before.

Story 2: Bouncing back from relegation


In the second story, we take you on a journey through the entire pre-season of the FC Bayern reserves for the 2021/22 Regionalliga season. Through previously unpublished footage, you will learn what happened behind the scenes, starting with relegation from the third division, through the start of training, the training camp in Allgäu, friendly matches, team events and the final internal preparations, right up to the start of the season. Become part of coach Martin Demichelis’s team!

In Stories 3 and 4, we start the season in full swing, take a look through the keyhole at the reserves’ top matches and the U19s’ appearances in the UEFA Youth League and the DFB Youth Cup, and show how young players develop at the Campus. Stay tuned!