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In the past twelve months, FC Bayern has once again intensified the dialogue with its members and fans. The club developed new formats to facilitate a better exchange of views on an equal footing, to create more transparency, to strengthen cooperation and identification, and to be able to address potential conflicts at an early stage. The feedback from the grassroots is thoroughly positive. The tenor: Mia san mia!

The interaction within the FC Bayern family is an inspiration - and so we look forward together.

Club life

A club is a lively meeting place - beyond sport. A home for all people and an active part of society. The German record champions have always taken this to heart, and in the past twelve months there has also been a wide variety of opportunities for members to participate: The "Reds against Racism" campaign weekend on the FC Bayern Campus was educational and exciting for visitors young and old, the eyewitness talk with Holocaust survivor Abba Naor as part of the culture of remembrance moved everyone in the clubhouse *1900, and this year FC Bayern again supported the "Queerpass Bayern" fan club on Christopher Street Day.

In addition, formats such as member workshops and regulars' tables are becoming established, where discussions are held as to how FC Bayern can involve its grassroots even more intensively. Following the creative process with discussion panels, an open exchange of knowledge and ideas and the analysis of different perspectives, the feedback was positive. "A very diverse, representative group," praised one participant, "it wasn't a folklore event, but a sign that the opinions of the members is important to the club. The fact that even president Herbert Hainer was there underlines that."

A recent highlight was the commemorative bike ride to mark the assassinations at the 1972 Olympic Games. Around 100 FCB members responded to the call to participate, and Hainer also took part in the event: "It is the responsibility of all of us to ensure a better understanding for each other and a shared togetherness in our world. As FC Bayern, we want to play an active part in this. We want to show that memory remains alive - and keeps us in motion." FC Bayern and society as a whole.

Open Dialogue

It was important to FC Bayern and its members and fans that the round table on Qatar could finally be implemented after pandemic-related delays at the beginning of July, in addition to other discussion panels. The discussion, led by Christoph Heusgen, Chairman of the Munich Security Conference, can still be streamed in full on the German record champions' website. In addition to president Herbert Hainer and CEO Oliver Kahn, the two members Michael Ott and Robin Feinauer, Ambassador Abdullah bin Mohammed Al-Thani and head of the 2022 FIFA World Cup LLC Hassan Al-Thawadi as representatives of Qatar, as well as Stephen Cockburn (Amnesty International), who joined from London, Max Tuñón (head of the International Labour Organisation project office for the State of Qatar in Doha), Michael Windfuhr (deputy director of the German Institute for Human Rights) and former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel took part in the more than two-hour long discussion.

Christoph Heusgen summed up the event in his chairman's statement: "The round table took place in a business-like and respectful atmosphere." The representatives of the human rights organisations and the ILO had confirmed progress in Qatar, but also pointed out tasks that still needed to be done. Hainer: "We wanted to conduct a discussion on an equal footing, and it was important to us to get all parties around the table." Kahn explained: "We extended an invitation to this round table in order to show that it is possible to meet beyond different opinions and attitudes. Dialogue is created through football and our goal was to achieve a better understanding of the development and the situation in Qatar. I think we were all able to learn a lot and take something away for the future."

Family ties

This year, the players are carrying Schafkopf symbols around the world during Champions League appearances - the club is living its culture, its values and its Bavarian down-to-earthness. The homeland unites, the shared traditions and passions create family ties within a club. A special highlight this year was the presidents' Schafkopf evening in the clubhouse *1900, with Herbert Hainer, the two former presidents Uli Hoeneß and Karl Hopfner, and senior vice-president Professor Dr Dieter Mayer, among others. "This is FC Bayern, this is my club," said one participant, "a family atmosphere, closeness to the presidents - I was just proud to be a part of it." The Bayern heart just remains the trump card!

The birthday brunch at the clubhouse on Campus to mark FC Bayern's 122nd anniversary, with Giovane Élber, Raimond Aumann and former FC Bayern basketball player Steffen Hamann, among others, also inspired those present. One guest enthused about the informal, personal conversations and the way people interact with each other that make up the special atmosphere of the club. His plea: "Stay as close to us fans as you are - and continue to live that 'Mia san mia' feeling! Show your passion for the club, that's just important for us fans!" Mission understood - and FC Bayern will continue to find ways to strengthen family ties in the years to come.

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