Dreesen gives pleasing outlook at his last AGM

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There was a standing ovation for the man with the numbers as the members present in the Audi Dome rose to their feet and paid great tribute to Jan-Christian Dreesen at FC Bayern's 2022 annual general meeting – the board member for finance and vice-chairman's final AGM.

Dreesen also presented pleasing balance sheets this year. FC Bayern once again operated healthily despite the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and made a profit of several million. "It was a difficult year. Despite continuing restrictions, we were able to increase turnover. That is an extraordinary achievement. There were many people who showed outstanding performances and we are very happy about that," Dreesen said.

Records set in the three years of the pandemic

The total turnover of the group amounted to €665.7 million in the 2021/22 season. The pre-tax profit (EBT) more than tripled - from €5.0 million to €17.1 million, the group's net profit increased to €12.7 million. In general, the last three years, which were marked by the pandemic, "have each set new records. I am very proud of all of us," said Dreesen.

Dreesen gives encouraging glimpse into the future

"It's amazing that despite the competitive disadvantage in terms of TV money, we put a powerful team on the field every year that all of Europe has respect for," Dreesen stated. "We don't spend more than we take in. That is part of our DNA. We want maximum sporting success. We also want to invest increasing revenues in the future." Meanwhile, the 55-year-old also gave an outlook on the result of the current financial year: "The year 2022/23 is not an easy year. And yet we will very likely be able to achieve a new record turnover of at least €770 million this year."

Dreesen's final AGM

This was the final annual general meeting for Dreesen in his role as vice-chairman of the board and chief financial officer. He will leave the club in the summer after 10 extremely successful years. "These have been 10 years in which we achieved everything in sport and had the most successful period in the club's history." Dreesen expressed his thanks to his colleagues on the executive board, the supervisory board, the presidium, the administrative advisory board, the staff and especially the members: "Thank you very much for your support. Even during the pandemic, you were a key pillar of the club. I'm pleased that you saw more in me than the man who presented the figures. I say thank you for countless moments that I will never forget. Servus, it was an honour."

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