Nagelsmann: Great mix of quality and desire

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Bayern produced a goal fest to beat Werder Bremen 6-1 and consolidate top spot in the Bundesliga. "The game was tough when they equalised and we missed a penalty, but we were calm and stayed composed," said head coach Julian Nagelsmann after Bayern's final home game of the year. "1-0 is good, but 6-1 is better and much more fun," added midfield engine Joshua Kimmich. 

Reaction from the Bayern camp:

Julian Nagelsmann: "We currently have a very good mix of quality and desire. The game was tough when we conceded an equaliser and missed a penalty, but we stayed calm and composed and scored three goals before the break. In the second half, we let ourselves drop off a bit. All in all, we played well for the fans. Hats off to the team, they're doing very well. Goals are what make football so exciting. Forty-seven goals in the Bundesliga, a fourth home win in a row in which we've scored at least four goals - that's quite extraordinary."

Joshua Kimmich: "The first half started brilliantly. That's when we killed off the game. It was spectacular. We played purposefully and with speed going forward. We could have scored even more goals. We always believed in our quality, the coach and our squad. We were in a bit of a results rut, but we weren't playing badly. We analysed things and drew the right conclusions. This belief in our own strength helped us. 1-0 is good, but 6-1 is much better and much more fun."

Leon Goretzka: "We so badly wanted to be back on top of the table and in the last few weeks we've played with that fluidity we lacked. The 15 minutes after the interval weren't great from us. Those are the kind of things we can take away from each game and critique." 

Reaction from the Werder Bremen camp:

Ole Werner (Werder Bremen head coach): "The result doesn't make me happy. We knew how difficult the task was. We were actually in the game, but then we lost the ball and conceded the first goal. When we were 2-1 down, the ball fell at someone's feet after a set-piece. The only thing that annoys me are the last two goals we conceded. We didn't need to concede them because we managed to calm the game down in the second half and Bayern took their foot off the gas a bit. But we also have to recognise that FC Bayern are a different level."

Marco Friedl (Werder Bremen captain): "The first 15 minutes were back and forth. We did a good job there. Then we just zoned out for 15 minutes and conceded goals. It's clear that Bayern are in a league of their own. Still, you can't concede six goals here."

Leonardo Bittencourt (Werder Bremen midfielder): "We can't concede the first the way we did. We lost the ball in our own half and FCB were devastatingly effective in taking full advantage. We won the ball up high in the early stages of the game, but we did too little with it, even though we got the equaliser. We tried to defend courageously, but we also knew that there would be spaces at the back that Bayern could exploit. Everything has to go well for us to get something. It didn't today, so we paid the price."

The match report:

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