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© Images: Sebastian Arlt, Marian Lenhard, Lukas Zander

Most FC Bayern fans only see their heroes on TV or from the stands, which is why there are life-size and lifelike figures of our players standing in the FC Bayern Museum. For the third time, the aluminium art pieces can now be purchased. Here fans explain where Thiago, Joshua Kimmich, Javi Martínez and Rafinha have ended up - and what role they play in their day-to-day football life.

Steffen Rest from Bad Arolsen

Player figure Kimmich, Steffen Rest

"I've always liked Joshua Kimmich: I admire his sporting ambition and success as well as his social commitment and dedication to the fans. After the games, he takes time for photos or gives away his jersey. So I was very pleased that I was able to acquire this player figure. When I picked it up at the FC Bayern Museum, I saw the then treble-winning coach Hansi Flick in front of the stadium. This has remained in my memory. Of course, the Kimmich figure has pride of place in my fan basement: right next to the TV screen. The room also serves as the base for the FCB fan club Nordwaldeck, which I founded with a few friends in 2017. When I'm not in the stadium and we're watching matches together, everyone always wants to sit next to Kimmich on the original seat shell from the Arena and take a photo with him. My biggest wish would be to add a Thomas Müller figure to my little hall of fame."

Sascha Opel from Bayreuth

Player figure Rafinha, Sascha Opel

"When Rafinha moved in with us, the figure first stood in the entrance area. However, many guests were startled because they thought someone was standing there. Now it has pride of place in my party cellar, next to other merchandise and the old fence flag. I always get a bit nostalgic here because FC Bayern has given me many wonderful moments - especially with my best friend Markus. Until his death in 2021, we cheered together in the Allianz Arena for a long time and never missed a game. I still attend from time to time. Most recently I was at the Champions League game in Pilsen, where I met an acquaintance who I'd met in 1989 on the way to an away game in Albania. The country was under Stalinist rule at the time, and there was no entry permit for German fans. Uli Hoeneß arranged for five fans to travel to Albania in an empty team bus as 'minders' - we were on the road for 30 hours, it was a unique experience."

Manfred and Margit Schwarz from Türkenfeld

Player figure Martinez, Manfred and Margit Schwarz

"We have shared our bond with FC Bayern Munich since we met in the Südkurve of the Olympiastadion in 1989. We've now been married for 26 years and are grateful every day that we have found someone with whom we can also share our love of football. In fact, our flat has become a  mini club museum that houses framed, signed jerseys - including those of Oliver Kahn, Mehmet Scholl and Franck Ribéry - as well as the Javi Martínez figurine. We always liked him both as a person and as a player; he seemed very honest and easy-going, but was able to unleash an insane amount of power on the pitch. Without him, I don't think we would have won the 2013 Champions League final against BVB. When you come down the stairs in the morning, the figurine always smiles at you in such a lifelike way that you sometimes cringe yourself. Every now and then we find ourselves tapping him on the shoulder as we walk by."

Hans Beigel from Starnberg

Player figure Thiago, Hans Beigel

"When I heard about the player figurine sales campaign, I was primarily attracted by the good cause behind it. But I also thought it might be fun to have a figurine at home that we could showcase for important FCB matches. When I arrived at the FC Bayern Museum to pick up 'my' Thiago, I was amazed: not only did the figurine look lifelike, but it was also much bigger and heavier than I had expected - obviously I hadn't read the ad carefully. When I unpacked Thiago from the car at home, I was very careful not to bump into anything and possibly damage the figure. I always found Thiago a fascinating and elegant player, always good for a surprise and a pleasure to watch. He's been given a nice place in my office, it's in the basement but at least he's nice and warm and dry there."

25 figures on sale until 9 December

The 25 life-size player figures are available for purchase for €600-700 until 9 December - including original signature. The proceeds go to the Bavarian Cancer Research Center.

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