A day with Benjamin Glück: Assistant coach for video analysis

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Over the coming days we’ll be giving you an insight into the work of various people who are part of the Bayern backroom team in Doha and explain what they do. We start with assistant coach Benjamin Glück.

“It was always my wish to work here. Bayern as a club is very close to my heart,” says Benjamin Glück about his move to Bayern in 2021. The native Bavarian is the assistant coach in charge of video analysis for the first team. The 36-year-old was born in Erding and met head coach Julian Nagelsmann in the youth academy at Hoffenheim, which was where he started work after qualifying as a teacher. After spells in charge of the Hoffenheim first team and RB Leipzig, the two “very, very good friends” – as Glück described – finally rocked up in Munich.

Benjamin Glück FC Bayern
Benjamin Glück is Julian Nagelsmann’s assistant who oversees the video analysis.

The pair are currently preparing the team for the opening competitive fixture of 2023 away at Leipzig on 20 January. We caught up with the assistant at the training camp in Doha to find out more about what he does each day.

The coaching staff

The Bayern coaching staff has consisted of Holger Broich, Xaver Zembrod, Julian Nagelsmann, Benjamin Glück, Dino Toppmöller and Toni Tapalovic (l-r.) since summer 2021.

Glück is part of Nagelsmann‘s staff that includes Dino Toppmöller (assistant), Xaver Zembrod (assistant), Prof. Dr. Holger Broich (head of fitness) and Toni Tapalovic (goalkeepers). Glück oversees the video analysis, particularly that of the Bayern team. This includes how the side plays and its tactics. He plans post-match discussions with players and analyses individual and group performances. His analysis team of Maximilian Schwab and Michael Cuper deal with preparing for opponents.

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Daily work

Glück describes his work as: “With the help of video training, we bring the main points of the content closer to the players.” Each evening in Doha, he and the coaching team plan the next day’s two training sessions. For him, the primary focus now is on working on key points and preparing for the restart of the campaign against Leipzig. “We normally work on one point over two or three sessions,” Glück explained.

Benjamin Glück (r.) observes training from a platform by the training pitch at the Aspire Academy alongside video analysis Michael Cuper.

Before the team begins a new area to focus on, there needs to be a team meeting with Nagelsmann and Glück to start things off. On this particular day there’s a meeting about transitioning after losing possession. Nagelsmann talks through the concept with the squad, with Glück helping on the laptop and showing selected highlights scenes.

Benjamin Glück analyses Bayern’s play and tactics with head coach Julian Nagelsmann.


Out on the pitch afterwards, Glück watches the session from slightly further away and discusses matters with Nagelsmann at the end. “I’m normally only down on the pitch for full 11-vs-11 matches, since most of my time is needed at the monitor to analyse the play,” Glück explains. At both Säbener Straße and out in Doha, the sessions are all recorded and then evaluated afterwards by Glück and his team.


Group and individual discussions

After lunch, he prepares the next talks on his laptop. The coaches often mix things up between group and individual discussions, focusing on individual positions, like central defenders or centre-forwards.

The highlight of Glück’s coaching career was winning the Bundesliga in 2021/22 alongside Nagelsmann and Toppmöller.

Opposition preparation

Alongside day-to-day business in Qatar, Glück and his team are also preparing the first videos segments for Leipzig, which will later be presented to the whole coaching staff. There’s a meeting with Nagelsmann and the video analysists planned for the next day. After looking at everything, they will come up with their game plan to take on Leipzig. The main question here is, what are we going to face? Regardless of what it is, Glück and his fellow coaches will have an answer.

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