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What is Sören Lerby up to these days?


Not many people can claim to have been both a player and a coach at Bayern. But one of those few men is Sören Lerby, who turned 65 on 1 February. The former Denmark international made 126 appearances for FCB between 1983 and 1986, winning the Bundesliga and DFB Cup twice each. The Copenhagen native went on to take charge of the team in the 1991/92 season. We caught up with him to talk about the past and what he’s up to in an interview with members’ magazine ‘51’.

Interview with Sören Lerby

How did you celebrate your 65th birthday on 1 February?
"My oldest son, who was born in Munich, lives in France with his three children, my other two children are studying in the U.S. - we won't celebrate bigger until the summer."

Did you receive congratulations come from Bayern?
"Yes. FC Bayern is a unique club. You're never forgotten. I heard there was an internal celebration the other day where 800 out of 1,200 employees were present - unbelievable how big the club is today! It’s all the more important that it keeps its heart. The family atmosphere is its greatest strength. That must never be lost, even if times change."

You were here as a player and a coach. What stuck with you the most?
"That this club has always managed to move with the times. The challenges aren't getting any smaller, but clubs with this tradition, size and history will always find their way."

You once played two matches within six hours...
"There was a World Cup qualifier with Denmark in Ireland in the afternoon, and a cup match with Bayern in Bochum in the evening. Uli Hoeneß was on the sidelines in Dublin and told our coach, Sepp Piontek, to please substitute me as soon as our victory was no longer in danger. After we went 3-0 up, I was allowed off in the 60th minute, Uli threw me into the shower, and we went to the airport with a police escort. A Porsche was waiting in Düsseldorf, but there was a traffic jam in front of the stadium - I had to walk the last two kilometres. We ultimately progressed to the next round, but only with a replay weeks later."

Have you ever experienced anything stranger?
"That even made it into the Guinness Book of Records - two games for two teams in such a short time! But the strangest thing of my overall career was our Bundesliga title in 1986. Unforgettable!"

Are such experiences signs that anything is possible at FC Bayern?
"Yes. Uli's actions back then or in 1986 - all of that is typical FC Bayern."