The 8 best statements from the Q&A with Thomas Müller

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TItle deciders, cup finals and even a Champions League final: Thomas Müller has experienced some big games against Borussia Dortmund. On Saturday, the two teams battle it out for top spot in the Bundesliga again in a clash between second and first at the Allianz Arena (18:30 CEST). At the start of the international break last week, we collected questions for Müller from fans on social media - and the 'Raumdeuter' answers them in a video.

The best statements from Thomas Müller

If you could ask another player a question: what question would that be? Question from: mia.san.mia.25.
Thomas Müller: "Spontaneously, there's a practical question that comes to mind for Jamal Musiala. I'd ask him when he's finally going to play golf with me. He still owes me a favour (grins)."

Which is the best goal you've ever scored against BVB? Question from: mi990325.
"That was in the 2014 DFB Cup final, the legendary run made by Marcel Schmelzer and me from the halfway line (smirks). You couldn't call it a sprint battle. We were both already battered by this point. We were full of cramps and just slogged towards goal. Luckily I prevailed."


What are your thoughts ahead of the game against Dortmund? Question from: si.rynnnnn.
"We have to win, there's not much room for manoeuvre. Having to win means even more that you have to do everything you can in the run-up to the game to be perfectly prepared. This also goes for your private life. Before such an important game, you pay even more attention to getting to bed early, for example."

What's your favourite club to play against? Question from: fischerkacper.
"I'd say it's not really about any one club, but more about loving the thrill of the big challenge. Whether these are Champions League games against big European rivals or in Germany against our biggest rivals, against the biggest rivals of my career in the Bundesliga: Borussia Dortmund. Accordingly, there's a big game in store on Saturday."

The toughest defender you've faced? Question from: CrossVMX.
"I generally find it difficult with superlatives and with picking one out. One of the best and with the most impressive career was certainly Sergio Ramos. Especially during his time at Real Madrid and when the Spaniards were very good, it was very awkward to play against him. He was and is a class act."


If you could take on another player's ability, which one would it be? Question from: fabian97x.
"I'd like to have the acceleration of Kingsley Coman or Alphonso Davies. I'd think to myself if I were that fast: I'd just play the ball past my opponent and run after it. Then I'd already be past (laughs). I'd like to feel what that's like when you just run past your opponent. You don't have to think about a one-two or anything. Just whoosh! Gone! That would be the one (laughs)."

Why 25 as your shirt number? Regards from Rosenheim! Question from: jonas._._Z.
"Regards back, first of all! When you get a pro contract as a young player, then the classic football numbers from 1 to 11 are normally reserved for the key players. You're assigned a number by the kitman and it was 25. I made my breakthrough in the first year and then, because of the team's successes and my individual performances, a lot of people bought shirts with the number 25. So when I then got the chance to get another number, I said that 25 is my number and I'm sticking with it now."

Would you ever be interested in playing in the Kreisliga? Question from: mr.bort_der_dritte.
"It’s certainly crossed my mind to one day stand with my brother on the football field. Let’s see if both of us can even physically manage it (laughs). It would certainly be funny."

Preparation for the Dortmund home match is at full speed:

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