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50 years of 'Frankenhöhe' fan club

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Herbert Hainer only had to pass on one question during his visit to the celebration of 50 years of the "Frankenhöhe e.V." official fan club: would he be able to attend the next milestone anniversary in 50 years? The president regretted with a grin that he could not yet make a firm commitment. However, it was important for him to be present at the current anniversary: he had travelled directly from 'Diversity Mountain' in Munich to Middle Franconia. "50 years of such pronounced, real fan loyalty to FC Bayern – that is absolutely extraordinary," he said. "It's an honour for me to be able to help celebrate this anniversary. FC Bayern says thank you from the bottom of its heart for such magnificent support over so many decades. The club is proud to have such fans."

Schneider Hainer Frankenhoehe
Herbert Hainer received a cheque of 2,500 euros from the "Frankenhöhe e.V.“ fan club for the FC Bayern Hilfe eV charity.

Two hundred fan club members sat in the packed Schützensaal at the Niederhof in Marktbergel – there wouldn't have been room for more. The crowd was enormous, even though local team TSV Marktbergel 1900 were playing in a play-off for promotion to the district league at the same time (and won, congratulations for that). Hainer received a cheque for 2,500 euros from the fan club for FC Bayern Hilfe eV, and the president in turn presented a certificate and a jersey signed by the team on behalf of the club's fan and fan club support department. Afterwards, fan club founder Wolfgang Spallek was honoured for his life's service.

Meindl Spallek Schneider
Markus Meindl (head of the FC Bayern fan and fan club support department) with fan club founder Wolfgang Spallek and chairwoman Marion Schneider.

The programme included a talk with the president and a film looking back over the 50-year history of the fan club, which was founded on 1 May 1973 and currently has 311 members (chairperson: Marion Schneider). Among those present at the celebratory evening were Jochen Schwarzbach Second Mayor), Melanie Humann (spokesperson for FC Bayern's fan dialogue working group and regional contact person for Middle Franconia), Markus Meindl (head of fan and fan club support), Manfred Raabe from the fan club's social cooperation project "Heinzelmännchen für OHA e.V." as well as friendly fan clubs from the Middle Franconia region.

Fan club Frankenhoehe FC Bayern
200 fan club members sat in the packed Schützensaal at the Niederhof in Marktbergel.

Hainer answered every question during the talk (including that of his favourite colour – red, of course), fulfilled all photo and autograph requests and promised, looking ahead to the new season: "We will go again!"

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