FC Bayern Montagskickers celebrate 50th anniversary

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The most legendary FC Bayern team? There are many. Herbert Hainer lists: “The promotion heroes of 1965. The stars of the 70s with their three European Cup victories. The treble winners of 2013. The team that won all six titles in 2020.” But then the president settles on one side in his speech to mark the 50th anniversary of FC Bayern's Montagskicker: “The most legendary team in the club's history is undoubtedly the Montagskicker.” The ‘Mokis’ have been around since 1973. They were founded by the then president Wilhelm Neudecker to play football every Monday, first at the Grünwald Sports School, then at Säbener Straße, at the Oberhaching Sports School and currently at the FC Bayern Campus, and then to round off the training session with a social get-together.

Herbert Hainer, FC Bayern
President Herbert Hainer: “The most legendary team in the club's history is undoubtedly the Montagskicker.”

Big names from Bayern's history were, and still are, highly committed members of the ‘Moki’ team, which was able to look back on half a century at a celebration in the Allianz Arena at the end of May. World champions like Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Müller, Klaus Augenthaler and Hansi Pflügler, officials like Karl Pfab, Hans Schiefele, Dr. Fritz Scherer, Bernd Rauch and Werner Kern, former coaches and players like Tschik Čajkovski, Wiggerl Landerer, Georg Bogeschdorfer, Kurt Hauer, Werner Olk, Peter Kupferschmidt, Norbert Janzon. President Hainer, new CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and vice president Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer, who were present at the anniversary event, are also part of the ‘Moki’ group, as is honorary president Uli Hoeneß.

Jan-Christian Dreesen, Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer
New CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen and vice president Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer are also among the Montagskicker.

And there were also gifts for the Montagskickers, for which their president and honorary councillor Reinhard Böker (“The Mokis are a family institution at FC Bayern”) expressed his heartfelt thanks. The current team and anniversary photo was organised by stadium boss Jürgen Muth on the Allianz Arena pitch. The club donated a new set of jerseys, and the basketball players under managing director Marko Pesic in attendance invited the entire team to one of the next games in the Audi Dome. All in all, it was a great birthday party, which offered further outstanding highlights in the form of a retrospective film and a funny and, above all, very informative round of talks with the current longest-serving members Eckhart Müller-Heydenreich and Willi Küffner.

The second "Believe in You Cup" took place at the FC Bayern Campus on Whit Monday:

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