FC Bayern World Squad begins training camp in Argentina

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The FC Bayern World Squad players have arrived in Argentina and are ready to use the coming days for intensive training. The promising youth players from 18 different nations will put their ability to the test in the next 12 days and make progress under the eyes of head coach Roy Makaay and the FC Bayern coaching staff:


#1 Jakov Borna, Žaja (Croatia)
#26 Lukas, Da Silva Pötzinger (Germany)
#32 Viktor, Baier (Czechia)

#2 Ignacio, Isla (Argentina)
#3 Carlos, Colina (Mexico)  
#4 Youngmin, Cho (South Korea)
#12 Rafael, Werneck (Brazil)
#24 Dawid, Kalbarczyk (Poland)
#27 Saged, Zakaria (Egypt)

#5 Gustavo, Telles (Brazil)
#6 Adam, Mahamid (Israel)
#7 Geon, Kim (South Korea)
#8 Sebastian, Plätzer (Norway)
#10 Siam, Yapp (Thailand)
#17 David, Emmanuel (Nigeria)
#19 Jermaine, Clarke (Jamaica)
#22 Ryan, Ayoub (USA)
#25 Degnon Julien, Brito (Togo)

#9 Marko, Popović (Serbia)
#11 Victor, Orakpo (Nigeria)
#14 Isaias, Galvan (Mexico)
#20 Treasure, Odunze (Nigeria)

*#21 Jiaxuan, Guo (China) will join up at the training camp in Germany.

The squad will use the facilities of the Argentinos Juniors during the training camp, which offers the team a first-class environment to show their potential. The young players will also follow in the footsteps of legend Diego Maradona who started his playing career at Argentinos Juniors. The rich football culture of Argentina will definitely motivate the players and help them to grow together as a team.

Roy Makaay
Roy Makaay is head coach of the FC Bayern World Squad.

During the stay in Argentina, the squad will have the chance to show what they can do in three friendly fixtures. The first game on 20 June is against Estudiantes. That is followed three days later (23 June) by the match against Argentinos Juniors. The final fixture on the morning of  departure (27 June) is against River Plate.

Further information and the timetable for this his project is available here:

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