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Herbert Hainer: FC Bayern proud of its fans

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Keeping an eye on the members and fans: during the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation, Herbert Hainer left the brunch with the Legends of the 2013 treble-winning team early to pay a visit to the eV departments on the Esplanade: Before the president joined CEO Jan-Christian Dreesen on the Allianz Arena pitch to help get everyone in the mood for the rematch of the Champions League final at Wembley, he took a stroll around the Esplanade in front of the stadium. Time and again he had to stop to sign autographs and pose for selfies. "I myself stood in the fan block as a young man," said Hainer, "without its fans nothing would happen at FC Bayern, it's for them that we give our all every day. The 12th consecutive Bundesliga title will always be a special one - because the number 12 always stands for the support in the stands. Accordingly, it's an obligation for us to win the Meisterschale for the Bayern fans."

Herbert Hainer, Jan-Christian Dreesen
Herbert Hainer and Jan-Christian Dreesen at the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation.

FC Bayern eV showcased its basketball, chess, bowling and refereeing departments on the Esplanade. It also provided information about the advantages of FCB memberships and raffled off jerseys and footballs among a total of 350 participants. Ten winners later took part in a challenge on the Allianz Arena pitch with Joshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, Maximiliane Rall and Jovana Damnjanovic from the FCB Women. Hainer took part in the entertaining programme for members and fans, threw a few basketballs into FCB-red coloured bins, played a game of high-speed chess ("there are great parallels to football, strategy and tactics play an important role in both") and asked the referees, who tested the guests' knowledge at their stand with video scenes, about the latest rule changes.


At the basketball stand, Hainer met mascot Ben, who gave the president a cool "high-five". The bowlers actively mingled with the fans and distributed flyers, and the club also raised awareness of the "Red Against Racism" initiative. The FCB fan and fan club support organisation also had its own stand providing information about activities.

Herbert Hainer
Herbert Hainer visited the FC Bayern eV departments on the Esplanade in front of the Allianz Arena during the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation.

"FC Bayern can always be proud of its fans and the special togetherness in this club," said Hainer: "This tremendous encouragement drives our players. For FC Bayern there can only ever be the highest goals, that is the DNA of the club. The same applies to our women's team and the FC Bayern basketball players as it does to the men: the women also became champions, we don't want to give up that place at the top, and our basketball players will mount a challenge with their new coach Pablo Laso. FC Bayern fans can look forward to a successful year."

Enjoy the highlights of the Allianz FC Bayern Team Presentation again here:

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