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Roy Makaay and World Squad hand over donation cheque

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FC Bayern and "buntkicktgut" regularly team up as part of the inter-club initiative "Red against Racism" - so it was a matter of course for the German record champions to take part in the 25th anniversary of the street football organisation at the weekend. The FC Bayern World Squad dropped by with coach Roy Makaay at the ceremony at the Alte Kongresshalle in the centre of Munich, where a team of World Squad legends played a match against "buntkicktgut", with a donation cheque for €23,900 also presented to the organisation, and on Sunday "Red against Racism" was represented at a panel discussion with representatives from the fields of sport, politics and society.

Roy Makaay FC Bayern World Squad buntkicktgut
"The organisation stands for intercultural understanding - this is also what our World Squad team stands for” – Roy Makaay.

"I think the similar approaches between us and 'buntkicktgut' are very good," said Makaay. "The organisation stands for intercultural understanding - this is also what our World Squad team stands for, where players from different countries come together and exchange ideas. The fun of football creates a connection that makes a difference to young people beyond the pitch." Rüdiger Heid, founder of the initiative: "We are very happy about the cooperation with FC Bayern, which always works so well. Just a fortnight ago, we took part in the 'Diversity Mountain' of the 'Red Against Racism' initiative - and now we were able to set an example for togetherness at our anniversary together with the World Squad. At 25 years old, 'buntkicktgut' is now in its prime - we want to continue to offer children and young people a second family and a perspective.”

buntkicktgut FC Bayern World Squad
In the opening match of the Legends Tournament, the World Squad faced off against a selection from "buntkicktgut".

Diversity is a common intersection. The FC Bayern World Squad, which this year for the first time is wearing the international lettering "Red against Racism" on its jersey, is made up of 21 players from 18 countries – integration. Respect and team spirit are also at the top of the agenda for "buntkicktgut". Of the U19 players from Germany, Togo, the USA, South Korea, Mexico, Israel, Brazil and Poland, the German representative Lukas da Silva Pötzinger and Julien Brito from Togo were particularly celebrated by the children and young people. Both are part of the "buntkicktgut" family and therefore ideal role models. Pötzinger has already completed an internship with the organisation, while Brito comes from the FC Bayern Youth Cup Kosmos in Togo, which "buntkicktgut" had organised in the past years.

buntkicktgut FC Bayern World Squad.

Makaay performed the award ceremony of the children's tournament on Saturday and subsequently handed over the donation cheque on behalf of FC Bayern to further support future projects of the street footballers. The show-opening match for the Legends Tournament between the World Squad and a team from "buntkicktgut" ended with the hosts winning 4-3. The following day, FC Bayern emphasised during the panel discussion that all children and young people from "buntkicktgut" are real role models because, among other things, they learn to take responsibility in the street football initiative and in this way carry social values from the pitch into their families or circles of friends. The football pitch is always a social place where you learn something about yourself and others, where you come together - and where you grow, was the core message of "Red against Racism" to the kids in this round of talks.

After returning from their trip to Argentina, the FC Bayern World Squad is currently training on the grounds of the German record champions at Säbener Straße. Here are the best pictures:

After coming through the first training days at Säbener Straße, the World Squad continue on a short tour of Germany on Tuesday. The team will play Hessen Kassel in Frankfurt on 5 July and Hamburger SV U19s in Hamburg on 9 July. Both games serve as preparation for the big final match on 15 July against FC Bayern U19s at the FC Bayern Campus. Tickets for these matches are free of charge. More information will follow.

The FC Bayern World Squad beat River Plate U20s 1-0 in a friendly match at the end of their trip to Argentina:

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