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Lucky charms for FC Bayern delegation

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Michael Diederich came with a gift for Keiju Otsuka, chairman of the "Mia san Japan" FC Bayern fan club - the new away kit, featuring Thomas Müller's shirt number 25. The 100 or so representatives of fan clubs from all over Asia in attendance at "Schmatz Ginza" applauded, and Keiju loudly shouted "Mia san mia!". FC Bayern togetherness and solidarity, in the heart of Tokyo.

FC Bayern Fans Japan
Enthusiasm from the fans: "We want to bring what FC Bayern is all about to you from Munich and Bavaria."

It is clear that FC Bayern always knows where its roots are, Diederich explained to the fans who had travelled all the way from Japan, China or Korea. "We want to bring what FC Bayern is all about to you from Munich and Bavaria," continued the deputy chairman, who, together with vice-president Professor Dr Dieter Mayer and Legends Giovane Elber and Claudio Pizarro, also received a special gift to promote exchange among the different cultures. The FCB delegation was presented with daruma dolls, lucky charms where you write a big wish in one eye – and then in the other when it has come true.

Elber, Diederich, Pizarro, Mayer
Applause for the fans (left to right): Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer, Claudio Pizarro, Dr. Michael Diederich and Giovane Élber

Diederich impressed by the passion

Diederich greeted the fans in perfect Japanese, earning loud applause. Mayer then explained the "Mia san Mia" feeling that the club wants to convey: "Self-confidence, striving for the maximum - and that we are one family, no matter where we are." This too drew much applause. Giovane Elber said he wished "that FC Bayern would come back to Japan again soon, as the enthusiasm here is huge."

Bayern Fans in Japan
Fans and Berni: A great atmosphere at the event in Tokyo

Diederich described the passion of the fans in Asia as impressive. A similar event will take place at the Paulaner Bräuhaus in Singapore, the second stop of this Audi Summer Tour – and more than 300 people have already signed up. "We want to go where the pulse of the fans beats," Diederich explained, "it's important to us that we as a club can be experienced and be close, beyond the confines of the pitch. That resonates with people, they notice we’re authentically engaged with them and interested." This was also confirmed by this event, where Elber and Pizarro were asked for autographs and selfies for a long time. At the end, those in attendance sang "Super Bayern, Super Bayern!" with the two legends, a chant that echoed loud and long through the entire building.

An FC Bayern delegation was received at the German embassy in Tokyo on Friday:

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