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FC Bayern makes its mark at SUPERBLOOM

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The ‘Red against Racism’ tattoos were sold out immediately. The FC Bayern campaign team had prepared 350 of them to distribute at the SUPERBLOOM festival in Munich's Olympic Park last weekend. In addition, there were pins, wristbands, postcards and guides on what to do when someone is discriminated against or witnesses discrimination. All in all, the club brought more than 1,000 campaign items for the festival guests to raise awareness for diversity and to get into conversation with people, especially about the topic of everyday racism.

Red Deaf Fanclub FC Bayern
The ‘Red Deaf Fanclub FC Bayern’ and its members Martina Bechtold, Stefan Kösters and Anton Meier taught the audience on the Your Planet stage signs like "Hello" or "Music".

Global stars pass on Bayern’s message

International and national artists such as Peter Fox, Marteria, Jason Derulo and Imagine Dragons were active on and off the stages. There were social workshops and talks - and FC Bayern was right in the middle of it all with ‘Red against Racism’, its KidsClub, mascots Berni, Ben and Mia, and its adidas home shirt. All in all, all 110 musicians and artists were equipped with an exclusive special edition of the FCB kit. This special home jersey was adorned with the SUPERBLOOM logo as well as the imprint ‘Red against Racism’, so that Derulo and many other top stars carried the club's message around the world. In addition, the clips produced by Bayern, in which the employees in ‘Red against Racism’ shirts and hoodies united as a club to set an example for diversity, played on all the screens before and after every performance. The overall festival message was that Munich is red and white. The tattoos lasted for the duration of the weekend. The German record champions really made their mark on people.

Rot gegen Rassismus FC Bayern Superbloom
During the breaks, the ‘Red against Racism’ clips produced by Bayern were shown on the screens.

Fruzsina Szép, festival director and creative force behind the festival, was again keen to offer a diverse experience beyond the music stages. So she also personally took part in the talk on the stage of the Your Planet area to discuss the contents of the initiative with the people behind ‘Red Against Racism’. "SUPERBLOOM is a place where diversity, inclusion and the passion for music are celebrated," said Szép: "FC Bayern with its charisma is a wonderful partner to bring such topics closer to people." She was "absolutely thrilled" about the line-up play with the German record champions. She had rarely experienced a partner with whom she could develop topics "so well on a level playing field".

Folkmann: "Raising awareness against discrimination of any kind"

"Music and sport have the unique advantage of being able to act universally, regardless of language. At this festival, we were able to combine both and use the opportunity to address social issues and raise awareness with our campaign against discrimination of any kind. Thanks to SUPERBLOOM for this wonderful opportunity to communicate FC Bayern's stance on diversity, tolerance and open-mindedness," said Benny Folkmann of the cross-club initiative.

Folkmann, FC Bayern
Benny Folkmann, FC Bayern eV managing director, spoke about the cross-club initiative ‘Red against Racism’.

As one focus of this year's SUPERBLOOM was on the topic of inclusion/hearing, the ‘Red Deaf Fanclub FC Bayern’ with its members Martina Bechtold, Stefan Kösters and Anton Meier also participated. The trio introduced the spectators on the Your Planet stage to signs such as "hello" or "music" and even the player names they developed for the FC Bayern squad. The signs for "Bayern Munich" and "Mia san mia" were also well received, and at the end the ‘Red Deaf’ members were given a warm farewell with the sign for "applause".

Mascots, FC Bayern, Berni, Ben, Mia
Bayern mascots Berni, Mia and Ben ensured a good atmosphere at the festival.

At the ‘Red against Racism’ information stand, the three Bayern fans were also available for guests on both days to exchange ideas and learn from each other. One of the core messages of the ‘Red against Racism’ commitment at this year's SUPERBLOOM was that inclusion is about breaking down barriers in the mind. Sport and music have the power to bring people together. This could be experienced impressively on the two days of the festival.

SUPERBLOOM took place in Munich for the first time last year. It is planning its third edition in the Olympic Park on 7/8 September 2024.

FC Bayern had organised the ‘Diversity Mountain’ in June:

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