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Professional dartboard + 6 darts with metal tip included
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Yessssss! The dart set consists of a high-quality tournament disc in official tournament size, as well as red dart arrows with FC Bayern Munich logo flights.
The disc is equipped with the new Spider technology and guarantees an optimal gaming experience, both for darts with steel tip and with plastic tip. The special feature is that the 0.7 mm Spider field boundary avoids rebounding arrows and the surrounding bristles after pulling out the hole immediately squeeze again. For these reasons, professionals like to play on TV on such dartboards.
Dartboard: Basic Color Black with White / Red / Green Elements /
Arrows: red with white aplications
Flights: Basic color red with FC Bayern logo
Dartboard: sisal
Arrows - Barrel: 100% brass
Shaft: aluminum
Tip: steel
Flights: plastic
Dartboard: Size ø 44.5 cm // Disc thickness 4 cm // Weight 5 kg // Equipment: 0.7 mm Spider field limitation // Optional equipment Incl. wall mounting
Arrows: Length 15cm / 22 grams / Fullsiz

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