FC Bayern-Themed Gift Packaging

Wrap gifts for friends and family with FC Bayern Munich packaging

There are few things more satisfying or exciting than ripping the wrapping off a gift from a loved one. The tearing of paper and the mess that ensues reminds us of childhood and the memories of holidays past. If you’re looking for the ideal way to wrap gifts for your friends and family, there is no better way than with FC Bayern wrapping paper. Our apparel items, such as our shirts, are easily wrapped and ready to go.

Wrapping a fantastic gift for a fantastic fan has never been easier

Our packaging selection also includes smaller containers for giving small gifts such as accessories, gift cards or apparel items that just don’t require a large box. If you’re gifting a season ticket to a friend or family member, our season ticket holders, specially designed for this very purpose, are the way to go. It may be hard to surprise your loved ones with our packaging – they’ll know they’re receiving something great from FC Bayern when they see the iconic logo or ‘mia san mia’ on the packaging, but that just means you’re guaranteed to put a smile on their face.