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Manuel Neuer – become our number one fan in your number one Manuel Neuer jersey

The Manuel Neuer jersey is representative of excellence and the FCB name. Manuel Neuer is Bayern München’s man between the posts. His ability to make even the toughest of saves has made him an indispensable member of the FCB team. The players on the front line know that they are being supported by the world’s best goalkeeper. At the beginning of his career, Manuel Neuer came to München to play for FCB in the 2011/2012 season. Since then he has been party to many titles and is considered the number one goalie. His accomplishments as a goalkeeper have truly lifted him above and beyond his competition and catapulted him into the ranks of legends.

Wear your new Manuel Neuer jersey to the stadium

Whether it’s a home game at the Allianz Arena or an away game elsewhere in Germany or Europe, the number 1 Manuel Neuer jersey is the perfect way to show everyone which team – and which player – you support. Manuel Neuer is the last defence of FC Bayern München and has to be self-sufficient and confident to do what he does in the goal box. At 1,93m tall, Neuer is a giant of a man and his opponents find him to be an impenetrable wall. Manuel is responsible for countless saves and victories. Now you can slip into the official Manuel Neuer jersey and show yourself to be a true fan of Neuer and of FC Bayern München. Not only that, you can go further towards creating the perfect FCB wardrobe when you also grab yourself a matching Manuel Neuer fan scarf, perfect for keeping warm on those chilly autumn visits to the stands.

Manuel Neuer – an idol for younger fans

As one of the greatest goalies and football players out there, Manuel Neuer is also an idol and role model for innumerable young football fans in Germany and around the world. Neuer is committed to giving back to the community, and through his own Manuel Neuer Kids Foundation he has supported many projects for children and younger fans. The number 1 Manuel Neuer jersey comes in sizes for men, women and children, and is the perfect gift for the aspiring young goalie in your life. Manuel Neuer will likely be with FC Bayern for a long time, keeping calm at the gate, reading the game, and inspiring fans both young and old around the globe.