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Bryce Taylor Interview

"We can still achieve a lot"

There was a good atmosphere at training on Monday. After the session took place the players honoured Nihad Djedovic’s 25th birthday by giving him three cheers. After the festivities, captain Bryce Taylor spoke about the upcoming Eurocup tip to Bamberg (Wednesday, 14th January, 20:00 CET).

Bryce, over the weekend Bo McCalebb picked up an injury. What do you make of the circumstances?

Bryce Taylor:
 I initially thought it was nothing serious, but then I spoke with Bo and it turns out that it is. It’s tough for us all, but especially for him. He was in good form and was becoming increasingly important to the team. However, injuries are part of sport.

The injury crisis is seemingly never ending . . .

. . . . it would appear that way. Teams always pick up injuries but I’ve never seen a situation like this. It’s unfortunately just bad luck, because everyone has had a different sort of injury. Some have occurred during the game – Bo’s for example. We play a physical sport, so these things do happen.

How is the situation at the moment?

We have to remain positive. We have enough players on our books. The young players get involved at training and in games different players have had opportunities to show the staff what they can do and to grab some responsibility. Players that were injured, like Anton, Heiko but also Lucca, Paul and I, have been given increasing amounts of game time and are getting back in the groove.

Good news: There is still a long way to go.

Exactly, we need to remain focussed because we can still achieve a lot this season. The Bundesliga is only half completed – we have 17 games left to play and want to improve on our showings in the 17. In the cup we travel to Berlin, which is going to be tough but the sort of game you want to be involved in as a player. Games like that define the character of individual players and the whole team.