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"Bring the title back to where it belongs!"

23 year-old Maximilian Kleber is FC Bayern Basketball's newest signing. In his first interview as a player the power forward already wants to “bring the title back to where it belongs!” Despite not seeing that much of Munich, he already understands the “Mia san Mia” (We are who we are) attitude. In his first season in a rather difficult Spanish league Kleber averaged a solid 11.5 points per game while grabbing 6.5 boards. He will be a very important focal point in Bayern's team.

FCBB: How does it feel that your new living room is the Audi Dome?

Maxi Kleber: I have been to Munich many times and I have always liked it. It's a very nice arena and fits in the city nicely. I have been welcomed by everyone and I can not wait for the new season.

FCBB: What are your strengths and what can you offer FCBB?

Kleber: For my height I am very athletic and I like to help out on the boards. Additionally, I have a good outside shot. We can dish the ball around to spread out the game, allowing us to drive straight to the hole.

FCBB: Have you met any of your team-mates?

Kleber: I know a fair share of guys from the national team. Vasillje Micic and I have already gone for dinner. But, I am excited to meet the others.

FCBB: Are you looking forward to working with coach Svetislav Pesic?

Kleber: Of course! He is one of the best coaches in all of Europe and I think I can learn a couple of things from him. In summer 2014 I worked with his assistant Emir “Muki” Mutapcic and learned a lot from him. I am looking forward to working together.

FCBB: Back to the league- what are you goals for this season?

Kleber: We have to bring the title and the cup back to Munich. This has to be our top priority.

FCBB: Did you already explore Munich.

Kleber: Just a little bit. I didn't observe too much. I will take some of the sights in later on in the summer when there is some left over time...

FCBB: What does Maxi Kleber do when he is not playing Basketball?

Kleber: Anything is possible. I like to move around, go get something to eat, play sports, do stuff that is within the framework. I like to watch movies and sometimes I get a game of golf in. Let's see if some of the other players will join me for a round. (laughing)

FCBB: Next season you will be wearing number 42. How come?

Kleber: Good question. The number I already wanted was taken so I had to pick a new one. I don't know why I picked this number. Perhaps it could have a mystical significance to it.

FCBB: How is the recovery period going?

Kleber: It is getting better. Last week I was operated on and my foot started to swell up. I can begin moving my ankle and doing strength exercises next week. So far everything is going to plan.

FCBB: It's been sometime since you last picked up a ball. Do your fingers miss it?

Kleber: Of course. I missed it so much while I was on vacation. Ten days without a hoop. But I will be even happier once I can resume training and start to play again.