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"I want to impress the supporters"

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Andreas Seiferth agreed to join FC Bayern Basketball from the Artland Dragons in July. The 26-year-old Center spoke to us about his targets for the coming season.

FCBB: Hi Andi, when are you planning on coming to Munich?

Andreas Seiferth: In a couple of weeks. I’m doing an individual training camp here in Berlin. I’ll then relax for a few days before heading here to prepare for the new season.

FCBB: What made you join FCBB?

Seiferth: It’s a huge chance for me. I have known the staff for a number of years and we have a good relationship. The talks between us went well. Everyone knows what to expect from each other. I’ll do all I can to impress the supporters.

FCBB: Have you played with some of your new teammates before?

Seiferth: I am aware of a lot of them just from being on the circuit. I have done a bit of training with Paul Zipser over summer, I’ve played alongside Maxi Kleber for the national team and Alex Renfroe has played alongside my brother so I know him too. I think that I’ll integrate myself into the team pretty quickly..

FCBB: What are your aims for your time in Munich?

Seiferth: I’m yet to win a title, so that would be great. I’d love to win the Bundesliga and hope that we can manage that. I’m also looking forward to playing in the Euroleague as it’s a new challenge for me and I want to give a good account of myself. I’ll work hard to make sure I achieve what I set out to.