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Press Release

FC Bayern Munich submits official note of protest to UEFA

FC Bayern Munich has assessed a considerable amount of information received over the last few days regarding the disorder prior to the UEFA Champions League match on Sepember 16th at Olympiacos FC, and can comment as follows:

Due to a chain reaction, an altercation took place between the Greek police and FC Bayern Munich fans prior to the game. Supporters of our team allegedly reacted to provocations from an Olympiacos fan section with equally provocative gestures. As a result, police forces moved into the Bayern section and proceeded to act vehemently and with great aggression toward our supporters. Some Bayern fans sustained injuries and required medical attention.

FC Bayern has submitted a note of protest to UEFA for the Greek police's use of excessive force.

However, FC Bayern would like to expressly note that both Olympiacos FC and FC Bayern Munich worked closely and in complete trust with one another - also in security matters - for this game.   

FC Bayern expects nonviolent and respectful behavior from all participants and attendees at all its games.