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Joshua Kimmich on his journey to FC Bayern

This is an excerpt from an article previously published on The Player's Tribune. In it, Joshua Kimmich recalls his incredible journey from a small German village to FC Bayern Munich and the German national team, his struggles moving away from home on his own and what it is like being thrust into a world and team full of superstars and World Cup winners. Read the full piece here

I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned so far, that the most important thing for a footballer is a manager and a coach who trusts you, who believes in you. It turns out that the same youth director who came to our house several years ago to finally convince my parents to let me go to Stuttgart had joined a new club, RB Leipzig. So I met with the team and Leipzig’s then-manager, Ralf Rangnick, who is one of the most innovative and respected managers in European football. I knew Ralf had worked with a lot of young talent. Playing there would mean moving even farther from home, but I wanted to do whatever I could to play professional football. So like always, my parents and I spoke about it.