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President Hainer: 'No place for personal attacks and agitation'

FC Bayern backs Hasan Salihamidzic

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Herbert Hainer has once again clarified FC Bayern’s position with regard to the public debates surrounding Hasan Salihamidzic. The president stated that the club backs its board member for sport. “FC Bayern stands united and emphatically against hostility towards Hasan Salihamidzic,” Hainer said. “Objective criticism is, of course, always permissible. However, we condemn personal attacks and agitation in the strongest possible terms. There is no place in the slightest for that at FC Bayern.”

“There are two sides to every coin,” Hainer explained. “All of us, including myself, were happy about the team’s great performances and the excellent football of the past 18 months, and we understand that a coach would preferably like to have a squad with 30 top stars – we all feel that way. But we have the coronavirus and have to figure with a loss of revenue of around €150 million.” FC Bayern is “still in a good financial position, but the strain is considerable”. According to the president, the task of a board member for sport is to take into account not only the sporting aspects but also the economic ones. “It’s basically inherent in the system that a coach has more of an eye on short-term success, and a board member for sport has to figure for the medium to long term.” In this context, Hainer made it clear that “we make all decisions together, including the composition of the squad. And we’ll also work together to ensure that a) things calm down again and b) we continue to write our success story in the future.”