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FC Bayern podcast

Dino Toppmöller & Xaver Zembrod – two key members of Nagelsmann's coaching staff

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What's it like having Julian Nagelsmann as a boss? There's definitely a lot to laugh about, as the FC Bayern head coach is a gifted teller of jokes. That is revealed by Dino Toppmöller and Xaver Zembrod, Nagelsmann's assistant coaches and closest colleagues, in this episode of the FC Bayern podcast. The duo share their very personal perspective of their boss. And, of course, they also provide a behind-the-scenes look at Säbener Straße. How do they work together day by day? How do they pick the team? And how does the game plan change during a match? Everything, which they felt straightaway at Säbener Straße, is about winning – as well as what Nagelsmann demands of them. The only revalation: It's about meatloaf. No joke.

Here is the latest podcast episode on YouTube video: