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Year ----League ------Position --------Event -----
1946FC Bayern Munich Basketball founded
1954German Champions
1955German Champions
1961Bayrische Oberliga1
1966Semi-finals of the 1966 National Championships. Lost 74:86 to USC Heidelberg in the McGraw-Kaserne, Munich.
1967Bundesliga (South)4
1968Bundesliga (South)4Winners of German Cup
1969Bundesliga (South)3
1970Bundesliga (South)6
1971Bundesliga (South)4
1972Bundesliga (South)6
1973Bundesliga (South)5
1974Bundesliga (South)8
1975Regionalliga (South)9
1976Regionalliga (South)7
1977Regionalliga (South)4
1978Regionalliga (South)5
1979Regionalliga (South)6
1980Regionalliga (South)8
1981Regionalliga (South)2Runner-Up
1982Regionalliga (South)1Champions and Promotion
19832. Basketball Bundesliga (Sotuh)2
19842. Basketball Bundesliga (South)2Runner-Up
19852. Basketball Bundesliga (South)3
19862. Basketball Bundesliga (South)1
19872. Basketball Bundesliga (South)1Champions and Promoted
19881. Basketball Bundesliga10
19891. Basketball Bundesliga11Relegated
19902. Basketball Bundesliga (South)5
19912. Basketball Bundesliga (South)5
19922. Basketball Bundesliga (South)6
19932. Basketball Bundesliga (South)11Relegated
1994Regionalliga (Southeast)6
1995Regionalliga (Southeast)2Runner-Up and Promoted
19962. Basketball Bundesliga (South)12Relegated
1997Regionalliga (Southeast)1Champions but not promoted
1998Regionalliga (Southeast)3
1999Regionalliga (Southeast)1Champions and Promoted
20002. Basketball Bundesliga (South)13Relegated
20011. Regionalliga (Southeast)1Champions but not promoted
20021. Regionalliga (Southeast)3
20031. Regionalliga (Southeast)4
20041. Regionalliga (Southeast)1Champions and Promoted
20052. Basketball Bundesliga (South)15Relegated
20061. Regionalliga (Southeast)1Champions but not promoted
20071. Regionalliga (Southeast)2Runner-Up
20081. Regionalliga (Southeast)1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Champions and promoted into 2. Basketball Bundesliga ProB, but then awarded Düsseldorf Magic's place in the ProA League
20092. Basketball Bundesliga ProA8
20102. Basketball Bundesliga ProA8
20112. Basketball Bundesliga ProA1Champions and Promoted
2012Basketball Bundesliga5Reached the Play-Off quarter finals (lost 2:3 to the Artland Dragons)
2013Basketball Bundesliga4------------------------------------------------------------------Reached the Play-Off semi finals (lost 2:3 to the Brose Baskets)
2014Basketball Bundesliga1German Champions. Reached the Top16 in the Euroleague
2015Basketball Bundesliga4Reached the Play-Off-Finals (lost 2:3 to the Brose Baskets)
2016Basketball Bundesliga3Reached the Play-Off semi finals (lost 0:3 to the Brose Baskets)
2017Basketball Bundesliga3Reached the Play-Off semi finals (lost 0:3 to the Brose Baskets)
2018Basketball Bundesliga1Reached the EuroCup semi finals ( lost 0:2 to Darussafaka Istanbul) German Cup & League Champions

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