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The squad of FC Bayern Basketball for the 2018/2019 season is complete: US-Power Forward Derrick Williams has signed a contract with the German Champion until the end of the season. The 27-year-old American has so far spent his career, apart from a brief engagement in China, in the North American professional league, the NBA. There he played in a total of 428 games and had an average of 8.9 points and four rebounds.

The 2011 NBA draft's No. 2 pick has been with the team for nearly two weeks and has now completed the medical examinations at the beginning of the week. The Californian, who will be number 23 at the FCBB, is not yet scheduled to play in the first BBL home game against Vechta.

"No team can afford to lose the playing intelligence and presence of a Milan Macvan, we are no exception," sport director Daniele Baiesi explained the now sealed transfer. "Derrick Williams is no substitute for our injured Power Forward. But Derrick's enormous talent is obvious and it would be crazy to say that he didn't convince us with his quality. We're simply delighted about the opportunity to work with such a good player. It's clear to us that it will take time for Derrick to internalise the process here. It will take consistency and patience, especially as Derrick has missed the last part of the preparation due to an infection that has hindered him since his arrival two weeks ago. But he has joined the FCBB with great enthusiasm; the good environment we can offer has convinced him to focus here again in the future and improve his game. Of course he has a big challenge ahead of him with some changes. But he will get all the support he needs to help our team and reach the heights he belongs to himself."

Derrick Williams, who is now entering team training, said: "Everyone I've talked to about this option has advised me to do it. I know that this program is still quite young in Munich and that Bavaria is back in the EuroLeague in its first year. I wanted to join the EuroLeague, it's a great stage, one of the biggest in the world; that's why Bayern Munich was a good opportunity for me. And of course we also want to be champions, you play for that, you work hard for that. I want to help the team win games. That's why I give my all, that's why I run up and down the court. My personal goal is to improve myself, to develop myself further. I know that I have to adapt to other lines and rules first, but that won't be an excuse - I want to get back on the court and I'll be ready soon".  

For Derrick Williams it is his first time in Europe, after seven years in the NBA and a short guest appearance in the Chinese CBA at the beginning of the year. In March, the Los Angeles Lakers signed him again for a short time, since then he has been a Free Agent.

The athletic forward was picked second overall in the 2011 draft lottery, just after superstar Kyrie Irving (now Boston). In 2017 Williams was in the NBA final with the Cleveland Cavaliers with LeBron James (1-4 against Golden State). His best season was his second when he scored an average of twelve points and 5.5 rebounds in 78 games for his first team, Minnesota Timberwolves. Several trades and coach changes, ensured that Williams' potential was not always reached.

At college, Derrick Williams had attracted attention early in the Arizona Wildcats jersey: In his first year he scored almost 16 points per game, in the second 19.5 points with a fshooting percentage of 65 percent. The 6ft7 athlete registered for the draft and was pulled by the Timberwolves. In 2012, he took part in the NBA All Star Weekend Slam Dunk competition, followed by his career high of 28 points against New Orleans in March 2013.

Williams was traded to the Sacramento Kings at the beginning of the following season, with the New York Knicks being his franchise from summer 2015. In the following season, he was a rotation player for the Miami Heat. Starting in February, 2017 he was with the Cavaliers, with whom he celebrated an Eastern Conference Championship (4-1 against Boston). In January 2018, he signed with Tianjin Gold Lions for the rest of the season in China.

DERRICK WILLIAMS (*May 25, 1991, La Mirada/USA)

Power Forward - 6ft7 - 240 lbs

High School: La Mirada, California

College: University of Arizona (2009 - 2011)

NBA (428 games - 20,7 mpg - 8,9 ppg - 4,0 rpg - FG 43,4 % - FT 71 %)

2011 - 2013: Minnesota Timberwolves (144 games - 10.4 ppg - 5.1 rpg)
Nov. 2013 - 2015: Sacramento Kings (141 games - 8.4 ppg - 3.7 rpg)
2015 - 2016: New York Knicks (80 games - 9.3 ppg - 3.7 rpg)
2016 - March 2018: 52 games for Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Lakers
January - Feb. 2018: Tianjin Gold Lions


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