Bayern Ballers and Maodo Lo are "extremely motivated" for the eSports-Showdown

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The EuroLeague game between FC Bayern Basketball and Fenerbahce Istanbul, scheduled for this Friday evening in the Audi Dome, cannot take place as planned and yet Bayern will duel with a top team: "Bayern Ballers Gaming", the eSports team of the German champions, will meet the "Istanbul Ballers" on Friday, March 20th. The virtual entry is free for everyone.

The online-game will start at 20.30 CET, and the live broadcast can be followed via the "Twitch" channel of the Bayern Ballers. Of course, we also give you all the updates via Twitter.




FCBB national team player Maodo Lo will join the Munich eSports team as an energetic addition. The Bayern playmaker will not only bring the ball to the console and some deep threes but will also keep the fans up-to-date with video clips from home. Join us on Instagram  Live starting 20.20 CET. The entire gameday experience will be simulated in high quality. "It's the same as always, we want to win every game, including this one," said the 27-year-old guard. "I'm in top form and extremely motivated to take on responsibility in this game as well. I am really looking forward to this challenge."


Maodo Lo and Bayern Ballers Gaming at the Audi Dome (2019)

Bayern Ballers Gaming was established in April 2018 and worked its way up to the top of the open NBA 2K ProAM world rankings early on. Their games are mostly shown on their own channel on the live platform Twitch as well as on Facebook. The game mode is called Pro-Am (5 vs. 5) and is played in the basketball simulation NBA 2K by the publisher 2K.

Most recently, the Bayern Ballers won the "NBA 2K European Cup" and the "German Invitational Cup". They also lead the "German Basketball League" in 2020. A few weeks ago they also won the trophy at the EWE Baskets eCup, the first offline tournament for BBL 2K teams.

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